30 Aug 2010

One more step ...

I'm finished with the blog design. It looks good to me, I hope it does for you too. It's so hard to tell what things will look like on another monitor. Let me know if anything is too bizarre.

I've put the archive back up but since I'm not finished with the online album organisation I can't guarantee that all of the pictures and layouts are going to post properly. You might be tempted to ask why I am bothering. Well, I was thinking...

My old album is linked to my Picasa Web album which was listed under my name and that is visible if you open the album. There is, if a person were willing to troll, a lot of information about us and I thought I would make it a bit tougher for any less than reputable people to get enough info about us to do any damage. Maybe a bit paranoid but better safe than sorry.

That's enough Blogger stuff for today. A house to clean and errands to run.

Oh, and by the way, I had a scary moment this morning. I went to log on and the computer said no internet access. What???!!!

Turns out the router power cord died. It was a $10 / half hour fix but, it made me think. Once upon a time I managed to go days with out turning on the computer. How did I do it?



  1. Carolyn, your blog looks great. One of these days I'll have to sit down with someone and start doing this. Course I've been saying that for a year. lol.

  2. I was just blogging around this afternoon and found your blog. Your template looks great. I would love to know how to do a 3 column template myself, but I have tried repeatedly and failed so I decided to try to be happy with what I have. I thought I would love to have a design, where I could separate the coupons you have to call for , those you can print fron online websites, and the sites where you can make money or wit prizes on the internet. But like I said I am no web designer, but tell myself I havan't done badly for someone who is sixty. Yeah well why not blame it on my age huh? Anyway, nice job on your site. Thanks for letting me visit.


Hearing from you makes me smile, thank you!