2 Sep 2010

What I've been up to

I signed up a while ago for a class (which started today) at Big Picture Scrapbooking called 'Adventures in Scrapbooking: Use Your Stash'. The instructor is May Flaum and so far I've been bitten by the bug to use my stash.

As those of you know who've been following the organisational challenges I face/have undertaken, my biggest solution to the problem is to use it. The corollary is to loose it so I've been working hard to use it.

The last couple of weeks I've devoted to class preparations. What that means is I've cleaned off my desk. There are no more random magazine articles, book bags or other stuff that I'll use 'someday'. (and no I did not stash the stuff in the memorabilia bins. I tossed or used.) So I'm ready to start the class with a clean desk so i can make another mess.

Here's the result (last to first)

The pre-class assignment was to do some scrapping to use the creative muscles. For this layout I also challenged myself to use a stash item. In this case it was a butterfly which arrived in a happy box broken. (boo) Anyways I never got around to asking for a replacement but didn't have the heart to throw it out. I used a sketch from pagemaps to help jump start things.

These two are ones where I had saved items to use later

This one uses a magazine article that I've been saving. It was interesting to find one of the challenge sites I frequent in an international magazine. It reminded me that this is indeed a world wide community even if it doesn't always feel like it when I'm sitting in front of the computer by myself. If you are interested in the challenge it was at the Creative Type. The slide show is still up here. Mine is the black and white dots.

The large leaf on this one is part of a Borders bag I mounted on card stock in June and has been hanging around ever since. I thought it fit well with a picture of the bookcase I took. Why I took the picture? Why I printed it? Why I enlarged it? Anyways the two went well together. I tried to write in a purplish ink. the pen died, I tried another it died ... I used 4 different ones to do the journaling and only 1 survived. I guess that's one way to use my stash. LOL

The last of the Scrapgal August challenges was to scraplift one of the new design team members. I chose this layout by Keesha Cooper. I loved her repetition of starts throughout the page as well as the 'stripes' of paper. It was a beautifully themed 4th of July page. Of course, I didn't have any fourth of July Pics or paper but I did have a fantastic photo of my hubs.

Woohoo I met a deadline! Yet another way to use my stash - do the things I was planning on doing even if I don't get the deadlines.

These next two are a bit earlier (August 25ish).

These pics begged to be put together. I chased Sid around with the camera for a week trying to get the series. I didn't get it in one day but I did get it. One of the things with autism is he doesn't look at the camera like most people so getting good pictures is a real challenge. Sometimes I'm up to it.

btw - a month later he's swimming short distances with out the pool noodle! Rock on Sid!

The second picture is the only one I took during this attempted trip to the beach. I emailed the State Parks people to ask about beach clean up or something and they told me it 'may or may not clear up naturally' and recommended another beach. The beautiful thing about San Gregorio was the estuary. It is fresh water and warm so he can actually get in the water. The ocean is COLD!

So that's it for today. I need to find some neutral coloured card stock for my next assignment. I don't use it very often but I had better not be caught buying any.

Speaking of buying things. I traded my scrappy budget for a few days at a hotel while the maintenance people redid the driveway and parking lot. NO smelling tar, no jack hammers, it was really nice but...



  1. good for you using your stash up. and i love may flaum's style. your class sounds like its going to be big fun. have a good (creative) labor day weekend, C.

  2. LOVE these!!!!!
    I love the tiny pictures...I have so many of those...you really made them look fantastic!
    I will have to try some of your new techniques!!

  3. These are wonderful pages!!! You put a lot of detail into each of them:)
    Feel free to link them up to my Scrap Party- it's a week-long link up each week:)
    Have a good weekend!


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