1 Oct 2010

Computers, blegh!

I'm back, sort of.

My Scrap Your Stash class is over. It's sad, there was a really supportive group over at Big Picture Classes (formerly known as Big Picture Scrapbooking) for this one. May Flaum was fantastic and really involved in keeping the class motivated to participate.

But ... I can't upload anything to show you. Briefly, the Toshiba went Super Nova. i.e. it overheated. This wasn't a new problem, it's been going since 366 days after I bought it. Next time I'll read ALL the reviews first, apparently it's a known issue for this brand, Anyways, it melted out the wireless card and the connection for the power adapter. There's enough battery life left to transfer files to a new computer via sneaker-net.

So what am I using?

The desktop - noooo that would be too easy. It's old and was never intended it to run on a wireless network. We bought a USB adapter for it and the drivers are so buggy they eat 100% of my memory. Its primary function these days is as a file and print server. It does this reasonably well. The computer is not worth the effort and $$$ to upgrade. Some day, (you may laugh now), the transfer of VHS and camcorder tapes to DVD will be done. Then it will not be useful any more and will go. I'll bet that makes no sense whatsoever. Oh well, if you want to know more leave me a comment.

We bought a new "desktop replacement"? Uhh, no. I want something that doesn't overheat, doesn't cost a fortune, has a back-lit keyboard, and has enough under the hood to do some video editing... Is there such a thing?

So, I'm using my husband's netbook. It just doesn't have the guts to do anything with images. And that is assuming I can download all my software since it has no optical drive.

For a visual person this is very frustrating. I feel like I've stepped back in time.

On the other hand, I've had more time to scrap, I've cleaned out some more of the junk. This week it was the game cube, game boy, associated cables, and the games. Can you believe the package sold? I'm so happy and motivated to tackle another couple of boxes.

Have a great weekend


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  1. So sorry to hear about the computer woes - but THRILLED that you enjoyed class so much (I loved it too!) and that you are getting productive scrap wise. :)


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