15 Oct 2010

Halloween Goodies - Eyeball Truffles

I'm having trouble finding the images I want today which means I'm going to have to describe this project.

It starts last Christmas with a thoughtful gift from my SIL of 5lbs of chocolate truffles. We made truffles for wedding favours a long time ago so I'm assuming that she thinks we like them. We did but after making truffles for 150 people one or two each a year is sufficient. No problem, I froze them.

Also last Christmas DH got me a wonderful cook book with many candy recipes. I dog eared one page with a chocolate orange truffle recipe that had white chocolate decorating. I thought might be fun to try. I never got around to it though. Somehow I couldn't do it with a freezer full of truffles.

Skip forward to sometime in September when I'm wandering aimlessly around Joann's. (always dangerous) I see in their Halloween display a leaflet showing Halloween cookies decorated like eyeballs. I think the point in the leaflet was to sell a cookie mold. I resisted though I did tear one off to take home. (And bought some black decorating icing on the way out.)

In one of those magical creative moments I solved my truffle problem and came up with cool Halloween idea. When I got home I was disappointed to find that my truffles weren't round. Carefully I remelted them, added a bit of orange extract and reshaped them into balls. I made the chocolate coating recipe from the Christmas recipe dog eared so long ago, covered my balls and decorated.

The recipe that inspired my is this one from Hershey. They rate it as advanced but I don't really think of myself that way. I guess for the meltaways to have the perfect finish it would rate that way but for Halloween a little mess seems fitting.

You can show off your own autumn creation at The DIY Show Off.

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  1. Those look so awesome!!!

  2. These are so gruesome and just perfect - I love your Use it up solution to too much chocolate - but that begs the question - can there be too much chocolate? So sorry to read in an earlier post about your computer problems - hope you are able to solve them without spending much money. Also your class sounded like a lot of fun - looking forward to seeing your pix once you get the computer issue solved.

  3. ahhh! scary eyeball truffles!!

  4. Just found your blog through Paper Issues! What a great way to use up those truffles!! Thanks for sharing.


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