25 Oct 2010

ROUS House

There's a Halloween Party going on at Paper Issues. We would love you would come over.

I did something different this week and made one of those cute little Doodle Bug houses. First I want to thank my friend Heather who sent the house during the great de-stashing of 2010. I would never have bought one. (I might now, this was a fun project)

If you've ever done one of these then you can probably figure out how I did it. Naturally I was incapable of following the instructions so had to be creative.

I started by cutting the templates for the walls and then moved on to doing the windows.

The detailing for the windows was done from the side that became the inside of the house. I started with the curtains (Pink Paislee canvas tags) that I glued behind the window and then wrapped forward. Then, I cut pieces of the Scary Swoosh transpency (Fancy Pants) to use for 'glass' in the window. and glued it on the inside of the house. Finally, I had to use the 'Cup of Eyeball' paper to have creepy eyes peeking out. Patting myself on the back I proceeded to house assembly.

I glued the paper on and read the directions. Found out, I was supposed to do the paper after I assembled it. Oops, oh well moving on, I assembled the house and it almost worked. I needed to add extra glue in a couple of places to make it stay together. I think this would have worked if I had trimmed the paper so I was always gluing chipboard to chipboard. Not chipboard to paper.

Well, now I had the glue gun out. Look out world! I used the glue gun to put on the Goopy Borders (Creative Imaginations). Worked perfectly but... I really wish I could consistently remember to slow down and think things through. Those borders are stickers (tacky, in more than one way) with a high gloss white back. Now that wasn't pretty. So I grabbed the flock and covered the backside by just pouring it on and tapping it off. Yes, much better but I don't think I'll ever get the purple out of the carpet.

So now I have the glue gun and the flock out. The arms reaching out of the ground (Creative Imaginations Fright Night double sided rub-ons) called me from the package to be flocked to so on they went. The Halloween rub-ons are out so I had to add the "beware" over the door which caused me to get the glitter out ( to add to the purple on the carpet)

There can never be enough glitter so out come the stickles. On go the chimney, stairs and window boxes. I finished the curtains with a bit of distressing and a glue dot to hold them open and added the stickles. It looked a little plain so I put on the rest of the transparency, some K&Company ghosts and the spiders. When it was all done and dried (overnight) I went back and did some detailing with my Smooch just to cover a couple of white edges.

btw, rous - rodents of unusual size, remember The 'Princess Bride'. I still love that movie.

Thanks for looking and if I don't get back
have a frightful Halloween



  1. Um, heck yeah I know what Rodents of Unusual size are!! I love The Princess Bride!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello! Much appreciated. I love the halloween house - too cute. Even the little spider lurking there on the roof. Adorable!



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