2 Feb 2011

Returning to the Regularly Scheduled Program

First let me say that this is the first time in a long time that I'm sitting at the computer and would rather not be. I would rather be scrapbooking or hanging pictures or sorting my scrappy stuff, or organizing the kitchen or ... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I want to mention that Mr. Murphy (as in Murphy's Laws) and I have an arrangement. If I part with my boxes then he will arrange for things go topsy-turvy though, not necessarily for the worse. I really am a bit superstitious about this but 20 years experience says ... At the beginning of July we freed the second bathroom from its role as a box storage closet to make room for company.

Our nephew came in August and, well, everyone had a good time. DH had some time away from the nuthouse. Life went on. I resigned myself to the situation and became determined to make the best of it.

So what happened?

In October, DH's ongoing employment at the nuthouse ended in a positive way. He has a new job with a normal company just down the road. That makes him happy, not to mention sane, and, since we live in the same household, does the same for me. Well, maybe not the sane part but ... Things have been looking up since though it has been really busy.

So, we're here for longer than the next paycheck or lack thereof. Next, we needed to fix the noisy, overcrowded, maintenance needing housing. Meaning, we moved. Yep, imagine that the perennial transient moving. Anyways, I started packing the day he got a the job but it took us a while to find something that was available immediately and that we wanted. We took possession of then new apartment the 17th of December and had ourselves in place by the 20th.

I'm feeling guilty about the past Christmas, there are no pictures - the camera went missing. It has since been located but this is the first year ever that there are none! Yes, we did get the tree up but that was about all that happened. Our festivities involved sleeping in a place with no road noise.

The last December picture:
I have one layout to share. I planned it when I needed to look for the good in where we were. It is not a particularly good picture nor is it a particularly good layout but I'm back.
I love the new place and am impatiently trying to make it feel like home. Where shall I store the boxes?

Thanks for looking

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