4 Feb 2011


Can you believe this, twice in one week. So I'm back but I need a kick in the behind to get started. My former crap scrap area was cramped but worked perfectly. The new one, which I'm sharing with the fish doesn't seem to be doing it for me. I'm not really sure why so I have to figure it out.

I've been walking in there now for a couple of weeks looking at it in disgust and walking away. Not very productive! So I decided I needed a bit more motivation and signed up for another class with May Flaum at BigPictureClasses. This one is called Creative Retreat. The title grabbed my attention as that is what I need to do, retreat to the new room and get creative, use the stuff and figure out why the space doesn't seem to be working, then get off my duff and fix it.

I have an idea in my head that the issue is horizontal space. When I was in full swing in the old room the bed was covered in supplies. Now that I have my own space, there is no bed and so I've lost a huge surface. Being somewhat gimpy these days, (wrecked my back during the move - it's getting better but way too slow for my liking), the floor just doesn't seem to be an option and then there's that whole walking around bit...

Anyways, May's positive energy has already filled me with inspiration so off to work on what I'm sure is a solvable problem.

Have a fantastic weekend



  1. I'm so glad to have yuo in class - hope you have a beautiful creative weekend!!

  2. Get your stash in line and get scrapping:) I am sure there is inspiration ahead...
    Thanks for sharing your blog.


Hearing from you makes me smile, thank you!