10 Mar 2011

Creative Retreat?

I have to be honest, I paid for the Creative retreat and then found a million and one creative reasons why I didn't have time to participate. I feel just awful about this - sorry May, next time. Anyways, my primary reason for signing up for the retreat was to use my stuff and see if my new space worked. In summary, it didn't.

In the four weeks that it ran, my mother came for a visit and had her stuff in the "spare" room. We were glad to see her but that put me a week behind from the start.

We had fish-saster after fish-saster. The result - all of the large fish and most of the small ones are dead and my table was constantly covered with fish stuff. The never ceasing fear of skunky fish water landing on my paper was too much

It's really very sad. I can't remember if I've posted pictures before, but the big orange fish were parrot cichlids. We now have new ones. They're just babies about 2 inches long and are green. Pictures right now don't show them as they blend into the plants and they spend a great deal of time hiding from the 12 inch monster. Pleco is completely vegetarian but when he moves ... I'm looking forward to getting to know them. Each one of these fish has it's own personality as you would expect from an intelligent creature that lives for 10 years. OK, enough fish but the reality of fish keeping is, these things happen so I have to make allowances.

So, what now? I've moved my table and most frequently used tools into the bedroom. The first attempt hasn't worked as well as I would like. The room is the wrong handedness for me. I keep whacking my elbow on the wall (what is funny about the "funny bone"?) and sitting at the other end of the table has me feeling very boxed in.

The space exists in there, it's just a question of whether I can utilize it. So, today's task is to rearrange some furniture. uhmm, procrastination? Plan B - a hostile takeover of the dining room table.

While thinking about the dining room, I began thinking about styles of family eating. Our kitchen isn't big enough to eat in - better than average apartment kitchen but still ... - so we eat in the dining area. On Facebook some time ago my sister-in-law posted that many of her friends don't have family dinners. People just grab and go. Is this the way you do things? Around here we have family dinners, though other meals are haphazard. What goes on the table isn't really important - McDonalds is fine as long as everyone sits together to eat.

This poses a bit of a problem for me. If I take over the dining room, it will have to be cleaned up every night and my stuff typically doesn't get completely tidied up. Paint needs to dry, I run out of time ... and I can only scrap during daylight hours. (bifocal is an evil word) I would love to hear from anyone who doesn't have a dedicated scrap room/craft room/studio on how they have integrated this space into their home. Another piece of this puzzle, I have about 2 hours a day for scrapping and yes, I do scrap daily. I would rather not spend half that time moving things from one room to another.

So, this is where my creative energies are going right now. It's driving me crazy. In the three months we've been here I haven't been able to sort it out. Arrggh!

One of May's creative prompts, in fact the only one I read was to document something you would not normally document. I did, there is no layout but the pictures are taken. We typically shop on Sunday. Not heavy duty grocery shopping but fun stuff. Last Sunday we made an adventure out of looking for batteries. I'm really glad adventure was our intent since it took three stores and some very wild weather to find the correct size.

Dustin took this fantastic picture of the crazy woman (me) trying to get a picture of a child who won't look at a camera. He, the child was trying to make a break for it. He, the father, said, "This is nuts." And yes it was but it made an otherwise boring and frustrating outing fun. Thank You May!


PS Part of the adventure was to learn how to use the new smart phone. Yes, we've joined the modern world. The old cell phone will be disconnected in 28 days. Please contact one of us for the new mobile number. We sent out an email but I'm sure someone was missed.


  1. Hi,thought I would give you my remedy on scrapping with out a dedicated space. even though I barely scrap at all presently. I found stackable tray at TJmaxx, the kind you can serve in or use on a buffet. I know Michaels has a version of them also. They fit a 12x12 paper with space leftover (15x18"). I had four usually spread out with supplies and paper. It was an easy way to use my kitchen table to scrap. When done you can stack them and hide them away and if you have a work in progress that one would be on top. I did this for a few years.Hope it helps.congrats on your smart phone!

  2. thanks Tam, will look for them.


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