27 May 2011

Look Ma I Scrapped

Good Morning all!

I spent yesterday cleaning, so hopefully I can get pictures of my new and improved living room today. I'm just waiting for the wonderful man to go to work. He's not very appreciative of furniture moving.

I'm going to cheat a bit and set things up for the "before" picture. Now, don't say, 'oh don't bother with that.' I dropped a couple of chandelier crystals and I have to move things to find them anyways so ... why not? Now while I play moving crew here are a couple of layouts I hope you will like.

This is an All About Me page form May's May with May at Big Picture Classes. Sorry no link to that class, it's almost over. I do want to say though that I like May's classes her enthusiasm gets me motivated to do something crafty.

The picture you might recognise from a couple of posts ago.

The really old paper fit the picture perfectly. Did you know I haven't bought anything but adhesive since September? There hasn't been a dent made in the paper stash. Uhmm... better get back to the layouts.

Just after we were married I wrote a list. I was prioritizing the household needs and wants. Need a new toaster, should do something about the end tables, want to finish the set of 'good dishes' and so on. I kept the list pinned to a cork board for a long time, crossing off, re-prioritizing and adding items as our situation changed. Eventually it got put on a pile of papers and ultimately put into a box which I found last week.

I was horrified that I had missed that pile and then we had fun going through that list and seeing how much things have changed. In some cases they haven't changed at all. The end tables are still here and more in need of something done with them than ever.

I really like this one but in hindsight it needs butterflies which means I need some butterflies. (punches or something lol)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. since SEPTEMBER???!! that swirly layout on top is really cool. love the title. so glad to see you scrapping and blogging again. have a great weekend.

  2. Uhooi,,
    This work is very creative, sweet and nice,,



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