26 May 2011

Not quite ready yet

So here I am awake in the wee hours of the morning for no particular reason, no weird dreams tonight, not thirsty, still tired so why am I up? I'm not really sure but I went to sleep with the thought that I really needed to do something about my poor neglected blog.

The under construction sign is kind of growing on me. I intended it to be temporary to explain any strange formatting errors while I was working on it. It is starting to look more like me than I had thought possible. I guess it can stay. Getting lost in HTML language would be just a fantastic way to keep from getting back into the blogging routine.

And what's new: I found a friend had listed my blog in her side bar. OMG I really feel pressure now. I need to fix the blogs I follow to include her, I need to blog regularly to justify the space, I need to actually participate in the blogging community, I need to come out of hiding, I need to ...

So, start with scrapping. Since May's Creative Retreat, I've moved my scrap room. I gave it up actually and it is now a family retreat. AKA family room with fish. We love to go in there in the evenings and listen to the water and watch the fish.

Small digression the fish are doing well although there seems to be some territory issues that need to be resolved. I think a nice cave will make our new parrot fish happy. We had the misfortune to pick out a male and female and save them from the fish concentration camp. (Pet store - but that truly is another story)

My scrap room - my dream room - is now in the living room. Since this is an open concept floor plan I am also right next to the kitchen and just off the dining room and it is bliss. Sitting in my command centre, playing with paper, interacting with my family is wonderful. I really am happy. I promise pictures but right now the mess is somewhat uhm... embarrassing.

Personal challenge - embrace the disorder.

Anyways, I signed up for another of May's classes and this time I have been having a ball.

I remember reading somewhere that it takes 6 months to adjust to a new living situation. Funny, I'm starting to feel like myself again and it's been 5 months. No promises, but I think this might be the restart date.

Speaking of dates, when unpacking a box I found a to-do list from 10 years ago. It was the list of replace/repair that I made just after we got married. (Our 10th anniversary was in February) First, I was horrified that it still existed, then I read it and was glad I did have it stuffed in with a bunch of other papers. It was a lot of fun to go back and reminisce about where we were then. The hand me down end tables, circa 1985 brass and glass,originally wedding gifts to my brother, still haven't been replaced. They have had the glass replaced with wood table tops DH made for me. Love that man! There's only one thing to do with a treasure like that - Scrapbook it!

There are so few pictures from that time - there was no money for film developing - there wasn't much for anything else either - that I decided no picture was the way to go. Yeap, still breaking "the rules". And on the topic of rule breaking I did another with no title. Well, not quite, there is a title in the picture.

Technology is a wonderful thing but I can't get to my layout photos at the moment without getting everyone up so I'll have to leave you with those teasers.

Thanks to all of you who are still checking in with me.


  1. it's nice to have an update from you! I've been having a bit of a blogger identity crisis myself...and so just stay away from posting to hide my inner conflict.

  2. I agree with Judean. It is nice to hear from you. I think a room with fish would be a great, relaxing thing. Have a great weekend!!=)


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