9 Jul 2011

The dog ate the pictures

Wait I have no dog.

I have actually got the before pictures done but the after ... do you want to see the scrap explosion that is in the living room or would you rather see the nice neat, clean organised area that I've created? I know I would rather show you the clean version.

I have a picture for you patient people ... not the multiples I promised but hey, one is better than none. right?
So the point is this lovely scene is about a mile down the walking trail that adjoins our apartment complex. I really need to get out with that fancy camera and play.

I also need to clean up this blog, and the scrappy mess - it's a challenge to myself. clean out the scraps. The project container that I keep scraps in won't close so I'm doing everything this summer based on what's in that box. Paper can come out of the stash to do it but the base of the layout needs to be from the scraps. It's hard but the alternative is to throw it away and I can't seem to do it. So ..

and then there's the landlord.
We moved into the perfect apartment, in the perfect location, with the perfect amenities. Then 2 weeks ago we got a letter saying that the unit was to be completely overhauled in the next 18 months and we would have to vacate. Needless to say I'm upset. Here I am packing again.

Once upon a time I moved so often I had rules.

1) must flat pack
2) must be able to lift it myself
3) must serve at least 2 purposes

Fortunately, the boxes from the last time are still here. Someday there won't be a storage area full of boxes.

For those of you who have wandered on over here from facebook, have faith I will be back but right now I have too much on my plate. Besides I can't seem to get into the "status update" thing. It just seems too abrupt. Though, I do like the chat feature.

Have a great weekend

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