28 Jul 2011

It's a ... box!

I feel silly still unpacking knowing that I'm going to be packing again soon but I promised that this time no boxes from the Waterloo days were going to move unopened. The original plan was to spend a couple of years at it - opening, purging, finishing projects etc. Now I will settle for the first two and a serious reevaluation of the unfinished project problem.
Last weekend I picked the third scariest box in the pile. No point in picking the easiest; I haven't built up the steam to tackle the hardest. I was pretty sure this one was safe after all it was clearly labeled. Is this what I found?
Well yes, along with calendars dating back to 1980 and more scrapbook paper. I really thought I had corralled all the scrapbook supplies but apparently not yet. So out came the garbage bag and the purging began, again! Anything that looked like it had had coffee spilt on it - gone! Templates from a decade ago into the donation box - almost gone. The strange sizes of bulk cardstock ... well that's harder. They are mostly neutral colours and could easily be put through a die cutting machine. Uhm ... it's a disease. I think I need to watch another episode of hoarders.
The calendars: my plan had been to frame the artwork for a display in my hallway or stairway (depending on the year). Well, I don't have the hallway or stairway any more so all but two are gone. We had fun Sunday evening remembering the events that had been written in them. I made a few notes, then, out they went. Of the two remaining ones, one of them I made this layout:
The other was Tom Thompson artwork. We decided it was worth keeping as a tribute to my husbands love of canoeing and my northern heritage. I trimmed the pages to fit 12x12 frames although I currently only have one frame. Once this move is over I will get the rest of the frames so they can be hung in the dining room with the Lone Pine print.
Frances' scrapbook: I'm not sure I want to tackle this when I'm feeling pressured. The issue I'm having is deciding whether to preserve the original book, which was created when she was a nursing student in St. Catharines or to save as much of the material as possible but update it. Through a weird twist of fate we ended up living in St. Catharines too and it was from her that I learned about scrapbooking. No matter which way I choose to proceed I think there should be at least one picture of great aunt Frances added. I phoned Mum to ask if she could send me any she had. I'm optimistic that she will. Procrastination?
The ephemera: purged, sorted into projects and filed with the rest of the unfinished projects. Before I have to box up those projects again, I intend to get through the pile and figure out what is reasonable to finish. For now I'm just happy to get another box cleaned out.
Archival mist and tissue here I come. Now where the cotton gloves have gotten to?

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