5 Aug 2011

Busy, busy

Not really much to write about. The usual mundane daily grind with a "To Do" list that is too long.

Craft projects: on hold until I find my desk again.
Computer Stuff: honestly I hate these things except when I love them
Cooking: uhm ... not hungry
Decluttering: ongoing. This week the filing cabinet.
Organising: boring
Cleaning: do you really care?
Facebook: not my thing. I should cancel the account
Packing: playing ostrich
Shopping: excitedly waiting for a small package
Sid: is Sid and needs new clothes. I swear he grew a foot this summer.
Dustin: enjoying work, stressing about being "the boss".
Weather: gorgeous, just like the pool
Ideas: oh so many and not enough time

If you are interested. I loved this mini book:


I would love to take a stab at this and call it my book of happy.

Have a great weekend

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  1. Hi Caroly, thanks for stopping by:) It was nice to hear from you.
    Moving stinks, and packing is just crazy. Hope you and your family are doing well.
    Have a fabulous day!


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