20 Aug 2011

Scappin', Sortin' and Storin'

I've been busy this week trying to reclaim my desk. It has been infested with paper work, unfinished projects, a few projects not even started that need to be out of here, some unresolved storage issues from the scrap room move, assorted junk that got dumped ... If you've ever seen my desk in real life you would know it looks like it always does. The problem, which for some reason has remained for 40 years, is I CAN NOT work on a cluttered desk. The usual solution, however ineffective, is to open a box and dump it all in to be dealt with "later" . One of those weird time paradoxes must be centred on me because later never comes.

What was that I heard you mention about the definition of insanity?

A long time ago I read a book called Wishcraft: How to get what you really want. Truly the best self help book I've ever encountered. One of the most important messages in it was to break large goals down into smaller ones until you reached the point where you have a task that can be done immediately. That is today not someday; someday being a close relative of later I think.

So the ultimate goal - well not the biggest but a step along the way - is to have a place that is conducive to creative work. When I sat thought about the emotional touchstones that my new place must meet, being alone to work wasn't a requirement. In fact being with my people was one so, since most household activity revolves around the kitchen so it made sense to me to move out of the fish room. That having been done some things won't fit.

I've been playing with my supplies over the last couple of months trying to figure out what needs to be at my finger tips and what can stay in the closet until I need it. The closet is somewhat risky. I'm easily distracted so when I go to the closet there is a high probability I won't come back.

OK, to the point before you all fall asleep. This drawer unit fit's perfectly in the cart. If you are reading this you are probably a facebook friend too so go look at my scrap organisation gallery there to see the cart. Today I bought one of the drawers. It gains me a bit of space on top to keep my heat and glue guns. Two more things I routinely use are now reachable. As well the punches now have a sturdier home in the drawer. The pretty box just wasn't strong enough.

Another issue became apparent during my experiments. What to do with dirty sponges. You know, the ones for the ink and paint techniques. My solution has been to stuff them into sandwich baggies and use the later. It's an OK solution but not great. A few minutes ago I found the solution here. Clever isn't it? Best of all I have a box that will work on hand.


  1. Glad you are getting settled in, a creative space is so nice. Not to have to put everything away all the time in very conducive to being creative. It is for me anyway. I have to leave pages lay for a day or so just be sure they are "finished".
    Hope you are doing well, it was nice to hear from you.
    If you try the banana blueberry muffins, don't store them in plastic or they get soggy.
    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for the storage tip!

  3. Girl! Thank you for your comment. Long time, no hear. Take care and I'm glad you stopped by.



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