26 Nov 2011

No fixed address, day 9

Some of you might be wondering just what the heck is going on. Well, a while back I posted about our landlord’s decision to upgrade all the units in the complex in the next two years. It would seem that the owner decided to up the refurb timetable and so refused to renew our lease. Yes, it’s legal, not ethical but legal. This left us with few choices, we could

1) move to another place. This we tried to do, for those of you wondering what’s up with my crafting, I’ve be busy touring other properties, amongst other related things. We only moved in 10 months ago and our needs haven’t really changed. Meaning, we already had the perfect place (at least for now). Strike that option.

2) move into another unit in the complex. Unfortunately, the only other one ready for occupancy is dark and has chronic parking problems. That would have relieved the short term pain but the longer term ones of continually having our drive blocked... Strike that option. So,

3) move out for 30 days and then move back in. Blech!!

I’m really working staying positive, I don’t believe that the renos were in the least bit necessary! New paint and carpet just don’t add up to the headaches that this little adventure is causing. I did, 10 months ago, agree to rent the unit without new paint and carpet.

I’ll let you finish the rant for me. Meanwhile, my mantra is find a happy place, find a happy place ... fyi Dustin has called me Peach for years.

I confess to sulking for a couple of days but then decided to treat this as another adventure, I do seem to be prone to them ... I can only hope that this one won't happen twice. Having made that decision I’ve been making an effort to take (at least) one picture a day that represents how we were doing. Admittedly this is challenging; suitcase living is very tiring.

We are just beginning day 10 now and I don’t think I want to post all the back pictures but I will put a few up.

Our second stop was a weekend in Monterey. It rained all weekend and so after the aquarium we watched movies. I think Dustin may have done some napping.

Laundry at the Laundromat! Boy has that been a while, anyways, as always some stuff didn't dry. When I hung the socks up the I had a vision of Granny Clampett's possum pie. Can dress me up but can't take me anywhere. lol!
So glad we bought a harchback! Off
 to San Francisco for the next leg.

Thanks Giving - did something different and decadent, ordered a prefab dinner. All we had to do was reheat. There is a kitchenette here and the stove has a small oven but I didn't think I could do the whole dinner from scratch. It was pretty good but I don't think we'll do it again

More Clampett thoughts - how many people carry their turkey roaster with them when they go away.  Uhm... maybe I should have brought Sid's rocking chair.

Black Friday - Sid had a hard time sleeping last night so it took all day for us to get going. We did eventually get to the carousel in Golden Gate Park.

Actually, that is the plan for this weekend; see all that we can of Golden Gate Park. We've been here quite a few times and never really been to the park so it's time.

On the way to the Muni (subway) we walked through Union Square. There was a huge number of police with baracades and night sticks.

Last night when we were driving around trying to get Sid to sleep we saw a pretty large tent city.I guess the Occupy Wall Street group had Black Friday plans of their own. Sid was upset we took a cab back.

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  1. Love your take on this upheaval in your life right now.
    I would be the same, might as well make a adventure out of it ;)


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