9 Jan 2012


The boxes are mostly unpacked and put away. It's not super organized yet but things are coming along. Who would have known that remembering where everything was before would have been so difficult. Uhm ... maybe I need to take pictures of the insides of all my drawers and cabinets. Today,  in no particular order. I had intended to:
  •   clean up some very, very old circle journals
  •   vacuum the last of the tinsel
  •   laundry ( Does that even count? )
  •   finish some work for the class I'm taking
Being a good girl, I started with the class work, more that another day. Innocently I went to the closet to pull out a file folder and ssslooowlyyy, with much creaking and groaning the shelf fell down.

Honestly, there was even less on it than before we moved.

Do I call maintenance or just fix it? I'm reasonably convinced that I can fix it better and faster than they will but it is their job. Anyways, closet organization has been undone, journals are at a stand still (can't get to my supplies until I excavate). Which leaves vacuuming and laundry.

Why is it that when I feel creative there's something in the way? no time, emergencies, avalanches, ... this is so frustrating. I am starting to feel that I'm just lugging boxes of supplies around to fondle, sort and store.

So sorry circle journal friends. Have faith that you are not forgotten. In fact the #1 goal for this year is to complete the unfinished objects.

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