17 Feb 2012

Unclogging Mists

Mists, most of us have them and they clog. No amount of holding/storing them upright, misting horizontally, giving delicate swirls seems to prevent it. At least that's been my experience with them. Still I love them.

I've spent quite a bit of time surfing the web looking for a solution and haven't found one that worked for me so, after much frustration I asked my husband what he thought .

His first reaction, "you don't need all that ..." I then described in detail the number of $$$ he was asking me to toss he suddenly put his creative hat on. ;)

So here's what we did. First up, I have a couple of bottles of Luminarte Mists that no amount of shaking would lift the shimmer from the bottom. These have no sprayers so I wasn't trying to unclog them just free the compacted shimmer.
This didn't work so well but if at first you don't succeed ...

It worked!!! after about 10 minutes.
The thingy we used is similar to this jewelry cleaner. It's not a particularly good ultrasonic. I bought it for cleaning the yuck from around the nose pieces of my glasses which it does well.
Anyways, buoyed by this success we moved on to the mists. First: we threw the whole mister (minus the bottle) into the ultrasonic.
failure :( and I was a bit worried about turning my glasses green later but the damage was done on that front so moving on, I dismantled the sprayer. He had vacated by this time saying something like, "my work here is done."
This picture only shows the top section apart. To get it to clear I also had to remove the tube. As I took each part off and ran the cleaner again the water turned more and more green making me more and more worried about green glasses.
I don't have a before picture. It's hard to show a before of a mist that won't mist so you will have to trust me it was completely blocked.

Here's the procedure:
1) Take the black spray cap and tube off of your blocked mister
2) Fill the ultrasonic cleaner with hot water. I don't think it's that important to be really hot. I used the same water over and over so it was pretty cold by the time I did all 20 bottles.
3) Run for at least 5 minutes. That was the maximum time I could set on my machine. Some sprayers took 2 cycles.
4) Reassemble the sprayer
4) Rinse and pump clean water through the nozzle. This is particularly important if you've been reusing water like I did.

and about the green glasses, no worries, the sprayers were all from water based mists so the ultrasonic rinsed out just fine.

I hope this works for you

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