28 Mar 2012

Craft Room #7 - Cardstock and Regrouping

I left the scrap room looking like this
Much better! I could see being able to use it soon but the rest of the house needed my attention and I needed to do some cooking to. No playing for me,1 day. I did get back to the cardstock that evening which means, you get to look at bad pictures, sorry.
 He thinks I'm crazy for believing that my Cardstock will fit in a Single Cropper Hopper.
 He's right, unfortunately
So the colours get to stay in their box, though it got a new label , and the neutrals came out into the cropper hopper. It is sort of working. I'm using a lot of neutrals now lol. Eventually I will get rid of the coloured stuff. Seriously I have been trying to train myself to open that box first rather than just reach for the French Vanilla.

After the success with the patterened paper this was somewhat disappointing and I thought I should look at the rest of the problem before I carried on. So I emptied the closet, the cubbies from the fish room and dragged it all out the the living room.

The whole problem

Yeah, its a pretty big one and if you look at this post you will see I missed some too and then there's the stuff in the underbed tote,  Arggh!

You might know, but then again you might not, I'm a clean freak. Really, it is only the scrappy crafty stuff that is a problem. My kitchen is only dirty when I'm cooking, I change the sheets weekly, I vacuum almost daily ... I detest clutter. One of the reasons, though I never said it earlier, to move to the living room was to make myself look at this. If I see it I'll clean it up, right?!