14 Mar 2012

Craft Room #7 - The Desk

Before I go any further, do you want this series daily or weekly? It's up to you if you want time to digest or if you want to just get to the end of it. Let me know please.

The first thing I needed was a desk. You can see in the last post that my little kitchen table was too wide and not long enough. We spent quite a bit of time looking for a very narrow desk and never found one. I finally saw a console table that would work but the price tag, well it was scary.

I decided to live with the table until I found something appropriate and moved on to storage.

12x12 scrapbooking things are hard to shelve and the best solution I've seen is the Ikea Expedit system. With the room dimensions in hand we went to Ikea and bought this

I put it together in an afternoon, stood it up beside the computer desk and hated it. It was massively dark and blocked the visual flow of the room. I was so dissappointed and turned it onto it's side to start dismantling hoping I could repack and return it. That is when I noticed, it fit exactly how I had envisioned the console table. I did some dismantling giving me this:

and leaving me with this pile of parts:

 When my most loving and tolerant husband came home ...Uhm ... DH can you make this work as a desk?

He did of course but while he was thinking about making it strong enough I had to find more storage solutions, so back to Ikea.