13 Mar 2012

The Craft Room #7 - lots of text

What happened to numbers 1 to 6? I moved and moved again and again and yet again  ...

When we first walked into this apartment I was so excited to get my craft room back. It was going to be a thing of beauty, a girly room with bright white cubbies, a huge desk a big squishy chair, purple pillows ... and then a little nagging voice started in my head. What will the new room look like in 6 months?

I have been fortunate enough to have craft rooms in most of the places I've lived in my life and each room has taught me something about me and how I work. Fact is I didn't like what I learned so I kept doing it over and over again trying to be better. What did I learn?  My craft rooms no matter how well organized, how pretty, no matter how many hours I put into keeping them that way have always devolved into junk storage rooms and I don't craft in a craft room.

So, likely the answer is a pile of boxes and rubble "so deep and so tall" I "can not clean it up there is no way at all." Not at all a pretty thing to own but it is true so, with much reluctance I gave the extra bedroom over to my wonderful husband for his fish. He kept asking, "Are you sure? Once the big tank is in there it won't be moving." My answer was yes.

He (and my son) are now happy. They have room to spill, jump, wrestle, romp and relax with no worries about 'good' furniture. It is a wonderful, cozy place with space to spread out and relax but what about me? Having tossed out the seemingly expected norm of a craft room I had to put my stuff somewhere.

First I tried the dining room. It has the big table and since we don't really entertain I could put in cabinetry or something for storage. I hauled my totes out to give it a try. Waaaayyy too dark! Can't see, can't work! Moving right along.

Next, the master bedroom. I used the master bedroom in the last place so maybe it could work here. I felt like I had been sent to my room to do my homework. Back to thinking, about good crafty times.

When have I done my 'best' stuff ? Easy, at the kitchen table always. Why? Uhm ... I like to eat. lol True, but not really a great answer so I started thinking again and here's the reasons why the kitchen table works for me:

 1) I need to be 'in contact' with my creation
 I'm not the type to sit and work for hours but I may spend hours/days working on something
 I do dishes, plan the project, pick up clutter, get out supplies, do laundry, cut stuff and arrange things, vacuum, spray/paint, let them dry, dust and wipe down,  admire/change/add to the project, do laundry,  bake, answer the phone, glue stuff down, play on the computer ...

2) people - I like to be with my family.
This one took a bit more to figure out. I'm not really outgoing though you might not know that to meet me. I don't like verbal distractions when I'm really focusing. I had always assumed this meant I should have my own private space but when I really thought this one through I found that isn't true. It's pretty quiet here most of the time and any focused work I do when there is no one around.

3)  proximity to water.
 It's needed to drink, to clean, to dilute ...

4) music 
 I don't like headphones and the stereo/radio/computer has always been accessible from the kitchen.

6) lots of natural light
My kitchens are usually bright. Its a feature I look for in a new place. Lack of light makes me look elsewhere for a place to live.

5) Walking Space
sometimes I just have to get up and pace off my frustrations.

Great,  but there is no room in this kitchen for a table. Having already tossed the traditional craft room out why not toss the traditional living room out too?

Here's the living room before. You can see my touchstones already there. (The sink is just behind the half wall on the left)  It's long, so we we divided it before there was any thought of putting the craft area in there.

Craft room in the living room REV 0

Did it work? Yes, but not perfectly. I couldn't live with the mess but I wanted to try it before committing to custom™  furniture.
Coming soon: Creating the furniture and storage.