20 Mar 2012

Craft Room #7 - Paper part 1

Spring has sprung and in its honour I thought I would post the first of the paper organisation series.

In my ideal world paper would be stored in horizontal racks. Lots and lots of racks so no pile would be too high but that is not to be unless I want a scrapbook store in my living room.

The original plan was to house the paper in these:
but, with the demise of the large Expedit shelving unit that became impossible. So I needed to get a bit more creative.

Our house in Canada had the world's smallest bathroom and I managed to get plastic shoe cabinets in to give some storage for extra toiletries. They flip open so no room for door swing is needed and they are very shallow (about 6 inches). If it worked once ... maybe I could get one that would fit under the counter ledge.

I took my paper to Ikea and tried all the shoe cabinets. The Hemnes Shoe Cabinet worked.
There were others too but I decided if I was getting new furniture it had to match and the finish on the Hemnes is the same as on the Expedit. If you are going to try this take your tallest paper with you to try it. Some of them didn't fit. Ikea doesn't give the internal dimensions of the 'drawers'.

We also came home with a 2x2 expedit in black/brown and a couple of other treasures.

More construction, words for the IKEA man and everything fit perfectly. Well almost perfectly.  I noticed that the backing on the drawers didn't go all the way to the top, meaning that the paper would flop back and forth

So, the cabinet got a performance modification.

I did not change my paper organisation method so I was able to just drop the paper in. This is the patterned paper completely installed in the paper envelopes I had been using in the old apartment. See this post if you are interested.

I later went back and took the envelopes out and used Cropper Hopper Dividers. They didn't quite fit but I  trimmed the label tab down a bit and the dividers now work well.
If I were to do it again, I would trim the bottom not the label but it is done and the paper now looks like this.

and yes it does have more in it. As I've been scrapping I've removed so much that I've been able to bring  my dedicated 'project' paper out of the closet as well as move my scraps into the cabinet.

Eventually I want to move the card stock and 'special days' paper in but that won't be for a while yet. lol

More on sorting paper, scraps, and cardstock later.

Happy cleaning