15 Mar 2012

Talking to Myself Again?

I found an idea today for using twine, any kind really bakers twine, kitchen twine what ever you have in your stash. I think you might even be able to make some of the old Basic Grey fibers work.

So since it's not my idea I'll just give you the link
Great Twine Idea

and if you want to get a bit fancier
have a look at this

Thanks to both of the talented ladies who shared their projects.

Have fun


  1. Hi Carolyn I noticed your comment on my friend Marissa's blog. I think most of us if we were honest are sick of these Challenge sites setting a criteria, having you follow it but be over passed by someone who didn't follow the rules simply because of who they are. Anyway upwards and onwards this is not a reason to give up but motivation to move onto a site that is encouraging, its not about changing your style to be picked as a feature its really about scrapping our memories and being able to do something we love, craft.

  2. Wow! Those flowers are way cool. Thanks for sharing the link. Will have to give these a go.


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