25 Apr 2012

Craft Room #7 - And now it's my turn, messy stuff first

I tried to follow the Organize your stuff challenge but, my priority was to get the damaging, dangerous and just plain messy stuff done as soon as possible. Dangerous tools I hid while I did paints, mists etc first.

You may have noticed in last week's post, some 'extra' white drawers. I didn't want to mention those until I got to actually putting stuff away.

They are Retur recycling bins from Ikea
I saw them when we went back to get the cabinet and picked them up for liquid mediums. In this size the bins are drawers that are solid plastic. I am in the living room and in case of leakage I wanted something that would not ruin the landlord's carpet.

They look like this installed
There is a limited amount of space in these so I had to figure out what would be moved into these premium locations.

It was useful to keep making stuff, less than normal but still something. It helped me stay focused on the end result and gave me a chance to pay close attention to what I use all the time. I now 'know' what must be at my fingertips. I don't want to go digging ten times in an hour for stuff. Now I know I won't either, if it gets too hard I just make do with what I can easily get at.

Things I thought about:
When do I use these? How often is that? Is that what I want or am I ignoring stuff because it's too hard to get to?

Before pics of wet media and chalk (though why the chalk is there is a bit of a mystery)

The CD boxes aren't bad but they are too flimsy for the weight of liquid mediums. They bend in the middle thus dumping everything on the floor if they get too heavy and I'm not careful. This is not a situation I want for liquids. It is also a pain to have the whole box on the desk to find one thing and, no matter how I stack them, the one I want is inevitably on the bottom.

So starting with paint:

The far left bin is a Tupperware FridgeSmart® Large container. I somehow ended up with two of these. This one was languishing in the back of a cabinet so I re-purposed it for craft paints. It's absolutely perfect, strong enough but not too heavy, vented, washable should something get spilled, durable, all the things Tupperware is known for. These paints I use fairly often so they deserve to stay in the desk area.

Someday I will paint colour swatches on the lids just to make getting things out faster but for now they aren't making a mess and are easy to reach.

I think the Twinkling H2O storage is interesting. You can just see the red end caps peeking out in the picture

The tube is a storage tube and two end caps from Tap Plastics. Another of my husband's great ideas. We had to cut one end to fit in the Tupperware paint bin but otherwise it was perfect.

I don't use these a lot so the extra step in getting them out isn't a problem. I like not having a whole lot of little jars rolling loose and I can see all of the colours easily. BTW I absolutely adore these and wish I had the skills to do them justice.

This is my tool box. I've had it since my art school days.

That style box hasn't been made for a very long time. *sigh*

I don't use the paints and oil pastels in the tool box often and it doesn't fit very well so it got moved to the closet. It's not buried, if I need it I can get it easily.

I decided that with a bit of fine tuning the paint could stay as it was. I removed the water colour pencils, added a couple of stray paint tubes, sorted out my brushes and closed the boxes. I actually bought a new brush, once every 20 years or so isn't too often, right. ;)

The Tupperware box went to the bottom of the 2x2 Expedit.

At least that is how things were working. This week though, the tool box seems to have relocated to the kitchen counter ... I guess that's why organisation is an ongoing thing. ~Things change~ I may have to find a home for it out here if this keeps up.

Next up Mists

Until Later