12 Apr 2012

Craft Room #7 - What's in the boxes

This is hopefully the last time I do one of these posts without pictures. I thought I would talk about the process rather than the results. Results did come later but, first I had to unpack. It took a while and I thought I would lose my mind in the clutter.

It was a legendary unpacking. The combined mess of 4 moves from which I had never fully unpacked and about 20 years of unfinished projects. No Joke!

I started with a bunch of empty, left over moving boxes and the newest acquisitions. Easy! Put like with like, then label the boxes so I remembered what I was doing.

Next came the totes. I had been scrapping from totes before the great reorganisation. All of that stuff was current and into the sorting boxes it went.

I did the rest of the boxes from newest to oldest. Mostly they were memorabilia and unfinished projects. If the stuff didn't have a category box I got another box from the garage labeled it, filled it and moved on. So cliche but keep calm and carry on. There were one or two gems that had crept in and so I set up a donate box as well as keeping the garbage bag handy. This part was hard. It's hard to admit that a project will never, ever get finished no matter how good my intentions.

I have been following along with the Organize Your Stuff Challenge Threads at Twopeas. I changed the order, skipped some sections, combined others and basically made it my own. My Love Affair with the Label Maker has some fantastic ideas and it was worthwhile to browse through the threads at TwoPeas also.

My take on the challenge was:
  • Space Audit / Brain Storming/ Clean Slate - done
  • paper - done
  • scraps - donish - sorted by colour anyways
  • cardstock - done - easy though totally boring
  • liquid mediums - coming soon this is a fun one
  • ink pads and ink tools/ embossing stuff
  • sparkly stuff  and adhesive
  • embellishments (not flat)
  • alphas
  • non alpha stickers/die cuts/journaling cards (flat stuff)
  • templates
  • rub-ons
  • ribbons/textiles
  • stamps
  • punches
  • dies and other cutting tools
  • chipboard
  • card making
  • pens and such
  • memorabilia
  • UFOs as my mother calls unfinished objects
  • ongoing large projects 

For this round, I skipped:
the photos though I did a hard drive back up, ideas fortunately were not a problem or at least I buried my head in the sand, crop supplies (I don't have anything special), negatives are safe though I would like to scan them soon and fonts (never had any)

And so with my piles of boxes sitting on my unfinished desk my husband says, "I've got the parts to finish the desk." Not being one to argue with a motivated man, I moved all the boxes into the bedroom and helped him move the furniture.

Maybe the clutter helped with his motivation?
to be continued ...