16 Apr 2012

Too much time

We've had not one but two viruses hit this household in the last 6 weeks and quite frankly I'm sick of being ill. I had so many plans to show you some of the things I did during the overhaul but ...
the automated posts go up and I'm still napping or looking after another person who is sick.

Today though things are looking up. My wonderful husband is back at work seemingly at full steam. My boy is well enough to be awake all day, not quite well enough to amuse himself but I'm not worried about complications due to a month long plague anymore. I am well enough to do more than read a message board, make a tea and have a nap. And I have a voice today!

Now if the house would spontaneously clean itself things would be pretty much perfect. Still the world moves on so a quick update on a few goings on.

1) I got more happy mail from the fabulous Cassie at Paper Issues.

I just love how she wraps my packages. The green ribbon was done up in a pretty bow but I was too impatient and forgot the picture, oops, and the hounds tooth tissue, Looove It!

2) I've been attempting to take another course with the wonderful May Flaum over at BigPictureClasses. I haven't kept up with it very well. (See above for excuse) but I have done some of the assignments and challenges. This layout combined a sketch challenge and a button challenge

Thanks Cassie, your ribbon was perfect for this layout!!

3) As always I've met some really creative ladies there, one of which has just joined Cassie's Team!! Woo Hoo congratulations to the awesome Ashli Oliver a.k.a soapHOUSE mama! I love her work go check her fantastic blog out.

Be Well

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  1. you are too much! thanks for the super sweet shout out!!!!!


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