18 May 2012

Craft Room 7 - Finishing up the Messy Stuff

Today I'm finishing up the messy stuff so this will be long but there's lots of picture.

I've pretty well described how I sorted everything but I didn't mention what went in the rest of the precious drawers or how my everyday adhesives are stored.  Not earth shaking but for the sake of completeness, I'll share the pictures.

This tote, a Tote-ally cool one, holds my every time tools and that includes adhesive.

Another great container that seems to have disappeared from the market.  If I go out to scrap I just pop this into my shoulder bag and I've got my tools ready in seconds.  The challenge with this is to keep stuff out so the zipper will close.  I tend to just toss whatever small tools are on my desk into it.

When it's put away.
While I've got the picture shelves up:

Some stamp storage. I swear that binder has shrunk. (Thanks Tracy :D) Anyways, more on stamps another day.

A bottle of Perfect Paper Adhesive I recently acquired. It doesn't have a home; it's too tall for the drawers.  I'm still deciding whether I like it or whether this is a one off. If I decide it's good I'll find some place for it,

You can see why I skipped idea books. That really is all I have. My magazines have fallen victims of the moves and most of my inspiration comes from the internet these days.  Notice I'm not discussing the state of my browser bookmarks though. lol

My Otto light that I seem to need everyday now. Uhm ... maybe I need to break down and get the granny glasses. Nope not yet, my arms are still long enough. ;)

A battery charger? Trains are THE cool toy right now and patience is not one of my son's virtues. Then again it's not my strong suit either, best to leave that right there.

The Slice: love the scalability for the fonts it can do, love it's size, but it has issues. I can't make up my mind whether to spend the $$$ on the Slice Elite or if that is just good money after bad. :(

Old text books that I haven't yet gotten rid of.  A gentle reminder to myself to do something about them. That's pretty valuable real estate they are taking up.

A plastic tote full of ... I'll get to that it comes later when I do memorabilia but quickly it's part of a course I'm doing at Big Picture Classes called Twelve.

Stamp cleaning scrubby things. I don't discriminate dirty things can live here too.
Chalks, old fashioned I know but they still have their uses.

The box is a mini book I'm working on, the stuff I am using for it and the box itself is what I intend to ship it in.

And finally some homeless flowers. I love those cases to and think they would be a great way to package a gift album but I must admit they are taunting me about as much as the text books although in a nicer way.
In other words this prime area is occupied only by current stuff, whether it be things that need to be dealt with or things I'm actually doing or using.

Drawers (from top to bottom)
1 - mists part 1

2 - mists part 2 and smooch inks. I need to make a few more top labels. Where does this stuff come from?
 3. Alcohol inks and distress stains.  The brayer and two liquid adhesives that needs to stand on end so the tip doesn't stop up. I also keep the ink blender, its foam and felt there.  It's all related, right?

4. Embossing powders, stamp cleaning solution and some misters
Finishing the messy stuff category is foam blending pads. I label them on the back side with a sharpie so I have one for each colour. It's not a complete set at the moment I do it as I need/use them. Eventually it will be all done.
This was not my idea, I saw it on You Tube and thought it was great. My apologies to the originator. I can't remember who you are.

And finally when those are put away

I hope something in my messy stuff organisation has helped you.

Have fun today

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