9 May 2012

Craft Room #7 - Ink Pads and stamp blocks

Ink storage hasn't changed at all since the first time I went through and organised the stuff. I did empty the box, clean it out, round up the stray ink pads and stamps. There was a fair amount of confetti and dust but all in all it was pretty good. I remade the label too.

I hand write the all my labels since I find it much faster than typing and printing or using a label maker. (which I don't own)  I just don't want to spend time on that part of the project. Borrring!

So, what's in the box?  There's some ink, stamp blocks and the Stamp-a-ma-Jig used only with stamp blocks so its fine where it is.  I cut blank address stickers in half and inked them to make the labels for the distress inks. You can see in the first picture that they show through the CD box. That's about as close to having them in the open as I can get. At least I can tell which pile I need to pull out.

I found the containers in the picture below at Big Lots. They are cheese slice storage containers.  Why would anyone buy a plastic container to store plastic cheese?  Uhm, maybe that's why they were at Big Lots. Anyways, I thought they looked useful. lol  It turns out they are exactly the right size to hold Colorbox Cat's Eyes and the mini stamp blocks I use for stamping calendar dates.

The box looks like this when it first comes out, nice and neat.  About ten minutes after I start inevitably the ink comes out to sit on my table. About 2 minutes after that there are ink pads everywhere despite my best efforts.
That is my largest current issue.

Clean up though, only takes a couple of minutes and that is good.  My end game is to take 15 minutes and make the living room presentable again.

I think part of the secret to making a small space work is to think outside of craft storage boxes.

The CD case takes advantage of the depth of the Expedit and it is possible to fit 4 in each cubby. You can just see, in the picture above, that it runs almost completely front to back so there is no waste space. Though I bought those cases to fit cubbies I used to use, they re-purposed beautifully. On my wish list is the same size box with a sturdier construction. This was a case of I got what I paid for. ($6 for 6 of them)

The cheese slice boxes are the perfect size and keep the lids from falling off. Kitchen storage is an excellent place to look especially if you want to keep things well sealed.

Now, I absolutely forbid Mr. Holtz from coming out with any more fabulous colours!  This was one place where I couldn't leave room for expansion.:(  Maybe I could part with a couple of older ink pads. I keep hoping they will dry up. No luck so far though.

Ah yes, the box gets to live on the bottom shelf nearest to my chair. It is almost as close to at my finger tips as possible. I would have liked to have had it on the top shelf but something else has claimed that spot. More later.

Happy Wednesday

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  1. I had to laugh at your comment "Why would anyone buy a plastic container to store plastic cheese?" ;)
    As for printing out the labels on your label marker boring...I have to disagree, I love mine, thats part of the fun of organizing, lol.


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