2 May 2012

Craft Room #7 - Mists

One of the things I did when sorting was to test every piece of equipment, every tube and bottle of paint, every pen, every pair of scissors etc. I wanted to make sure I wasn't storing things that should be in the garbage. It's annoying to be in the middle of a project and realize that the white paint is dried up. So when I tested the mists I was really disappointed to find out that all of the glittery ones were clogged.

I want it noted that they have never been stored on their sides and I have treated them all according to manufacture's instructions. I think it's just a property of the mica. Vent over. I fixed them, so on to storing them.

Easy, take them out of the CD box and put them into a drawer.  except that I can't see which colour is which. I used to be able to see through the sides of the CD box so this isn't really very good. I needed  to label them.
Bring on the paint bush I just put away, some adhesive and the border punch which just happened to be the right size and
now I can see what I have. :D

One thing that comes up over and over is the need to leave room for expansion. It's true! I've been on a no buy program and I've been very good but over the last year my single drawer of mists has grown into two. Not all the bottles are mists, there are alcohol inks, smooch inks, distress stains, and a single of bottle of paint which won't fit anywhere else and of course more mists. Now I really am out of room. :(
 Fortunately I'm scrapping again so I can see using this stuff up. One in one out is where I'm at now.