16 May 2012

Craft Room #7 - Sparkly Stuff , Adhesive and *gasp* a layout

Sparkly stuff to me means glitter, glitter glue, micro beads, Dew Drops and all those precious goodies. I had to do a bit of thinking for this one.  The rule in organisation is like with like but is glitter glue an adhesive or a sparkly thing?  What about flocking?  Flocking is applied like glitter, it's an embellishment in the same way glitter is; it just has a different texture.  I decided that glitter glue was indeed glitter and flocking should be stored with glitter.  Sometimes the silliest questions can get me bogged down.

So this is the state of things before
 Isn't that a great picture. It shows quite clearly what I meant by the CD boxes are too flimsy.

And what's in the box
Yes I still use glue sticks on occasion and the Pioneer embellishment glue stick is really fantastic in my opinion. Honest, it's an oldie but a goodie.

Next big question, where to put it?  In the new plastic drawers?  Uhm ... second rule keep the stuff you use every time at your finger tips.  I use sparkly stuff maybe once a week.  So, no, I put the glitter in the CD box that formerly held all my mists.  The drawers are too valuable.

 And after it was done
Notice how nicely the adhesive is piled in the CD case. lol  Those are refills and extras. I do like to buy adhesive on sale and stock up. It's the one thing I know WILL get used.  The ones I use every time have a special home but more about that later.  At least now I only have to dig for refills when I need them.

Just when I had finished this when along came Mother's Day. My wonderfully supportive husband bought me a Big Shot and along with a big shot comes dies. I don't have many but they have to live somewhere and that somewhere turned out to be the glitter box.

What do glitter and dies have in common? Absolutely nothing but there was space in the box and this is a good thing.

Today it looks like this.

I found an insert (a bottle caddy by Scrapcessories) for the box to help with the tipping bottle problem. I don't know if these are still available.  I love how I can lift the caddy out and set it on my work table.

Remember I said organising is an ongoing thing for me. It probably won't look like this a year from now but for for now it works and I find myself using a whole lot more glitter. :D

Just because I think it's fun I'd like to share you a layout.

I took May Flaum's Creative Scrappers Field Guide this spring.  I got behind, remember the 6 weeks of plague, and am still finishing up the challenges. This page was for an Ombre challenge. I had to look up the word before I could even start. I had no clue what it meant so I can honestly say I learned something. Actually, I learned a lot and had fun too.

You can see I used Stickles and Robin's Eggs. Go me! no hoarding allowed.  I used two Crafters Workshop masks, three colours of glimmer mist, my chalks and a few hand cut circle masks to get the colour gradation. There's one blob that irritates me but otherwise I think it is a success. If you are interested in the technique I would be happy to share just let me know.

Learn a new word today!

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  1. Beautiful layout.
    It sounds like I am a bit like you, re-figuring my organizing :)
    I am doing just that right now :)


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