23 May 2012

Happy Day

Second Try, third try ... sorry for the clutter. I think I've got it now.

When I was a kid my parents used to take us to museums, historical sites, and other educational places.  Some of them where interesting but most of the time I asked why we couldn't go to the amusement parks. At the time I didn't have a firm grasp on finances and so didn't understand how taking four kids to an amusement park, paying for admission, rides and food could be prohibitively expensive.

So, when Mum came we returned the favour and went to the Intel Museum. (It's free lol) She took one of the rare pictures of us together which was probably the highlight of the trip for her.
The museum is a timeline that you walk through. It has samples of the technology, some interactive elements, plaques and articles describing events and changes that occurred as a result of the technological developments. The timeline starts the year I was born. I remember almost all of those developments and can identify with all the changes that occurred. I lived them! Does that make me a museum piece?

I think Dustin must have felt the same way. After Mum left he kept talking about a new computer. He never said it but, I think it really disturbed him that one of the displays featured our motherboard and that display wasn't at the end. Of course he couldn't just go buy a new one. Why buy what you can build is his philosophy and I agree.

So the research began. What are do we use it for? What would we like to use it for? How much are we willing to spend?  What processor? What mother board? and on and on. Well a year later here he is:
Does this look like the face of a happy man? Uhmm, no, though I don't know whether it was the computer or my incessant picture taking that was the problem. Here is the aftermath.
It's kind of sad. Those parts were lovingly picked out and assembled by me. What is even more sad is that for the last two months that has been the state of the computer. We got a defective motherboard and had to wait for a replacement. Customer Service Intel?

Last Friday the replacement parts came and with only a couple of trips to the electronics store the computer was reassembled. Over the last few days I have been installing software. And now (drum roll please) the new machine...

Only it looks exactly the same as the old one since we used the same case. So instead of taking a picture I made this little video.

Now you have a voice to go with the writing and I had better stick to writing since I can't seem to figure out how to embed a video

Have a happy day


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  1. Hi :)
    So nice to put a voice with your words.
    I had to laugh at your comment about the timeline and your motherboard not being at the end of it, lol.
    We took our children to museums as apposed to amusement parks...hope we didn't scar them too much, lol.


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