7 Jun 2012

Another online course

A bit of blog revamp going on. Someday I'll take down the under construction sign. lol Let me know how easy to read the font is. I'm giving it a try but if it's not good let me know, please.

Moving on, it seems the only time I do any actual scrapping these days is when I take a course. I think it's about the motivation. I paid so I had better do it and get my money's worth. Which, by the way, is fine by me. I spend money on scrappy stuff that doesn't accumulate and the stash get's smaller. If you've been following along you will know that the end game is that ALL the boxes come out of the closet. At this moment most of them are memorabilia and pictures that need to be in albums. But how?

My albums are a disaster! No cohesiveness, no story, just random pages and the thought of delving into those boxes and creating more random pages just plain scares me. They're nice and neat; I can pretend everything in them is safe, so why mess with it. Well, it bugs me that's why. If the stuff isn't being appreciated why is it taking up perfectly good space?

So, I enrolled in Shimelle's Cover to Cover class. It looks like; I'm going to get a plan out of it. :D The course has just finished and I'm still working on week two. Honestly, there's enough ideas to keep me busy for a year putting things into some sort of story form.

So the exercise was to look at 5 recent layouts and find patterns. Here's 5 layouts grabbed from beginning of the 2012 album.

The border is just the carpet where I took the picture, not part of the page.

I'm not seeing a whole lot of similarities. Well maybe one there's a lot of blue and green. The only layout I'm not really fond of is the two pager. It's not bad though it could use a bit of journalling but it just doesn't give me a happy feeling. I wonder if it's because it is cool colours? I think I'll take another random sample from another album and see if that is true.

I see another similarity, all except the double page layout use thick letter stickers. That might explain the box on my cart. lol

Have a Great Day


  1. Great layouts!!
    I wish I had that problem of organizing my layouts...I have to do them before I can organize them, teehee. That is one of my problems

  2. Glad to see you're scrappin and seeking motivation to scrap more!! I need to do that as well! The pattern I see, is all of the layouts have distressed paper, wether you did it yourself or they were purchased that way.

    Good luck!


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