31 Aug 2012

Where has the summer gone?

It dawned on me that today is the Friday before Labour Day weekend. It seems like yesterday I was anticipating summer fun. For my Canadian friends that might seem silly since it always summer here or at worst early fall but I seem to finally be getting acclimatised. A week or so ago, I actually found it a bit chilly. I just shook my head and laughed. Of course that was out loud and people around me gave that strange look that says, 'crazy lady nearby' just before they stepped away.


There are somethings that just aren't worth trying to explain.

So what have I been up to? Well playing hostess to my MIL, going to the beach, a very brief stop at Scrapbook Expo, playing in the pool, buying my boy shoes in 3 consecutively larger sizes and of course scrapping.

Here's the picture I think is the best one from the summer:

 As part of the on going album overhaul I've been going back and trying to fill in some of the gaps. That is gaps in our story, things/places/people that I have just forgotten to talk about and need to be in albums.  While working through this process I've found myself writing more. It's a pretty daunting job to really integrate the journalling and sometimes the pictures aren't the best but I think it's worth it. Here's a few samples:

I mean really, why I haven't I told the story of my husband driving between St. Catharines and New Jersey in the 1991 Sprint (Geo Metro for my American Friends). I love this guy!
And this one is humiliating. No baby book?! Sid's 10!!! In my defense I will say that it was about this time that our life went crazy and the CM people finally convinced me that my albums weren't "real" scrapbooks.  Foolish me, I gave up scrapbooking completely since I couldn't afford their product?!

And it's funny how one little thing can end up making such a big difference. Again, I never recorded my thoughts on this.

I think it's fantastic that I've been able to use some of my incredibly old product. I will soon have room to consolidate some of the cardstock into the colour files. (see this craft room 7 post if you are interested in the problem.)

 Have a great weekend

Yet again I'm asking for feedback on the font. Love it, hate it or really don't care in any case let me know please.

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