17 Sep 2012


I have to tell you about the dragonflies here. When I first saw one from a distance I confused it for a humming bird. They move more or less in the same way but humming birds don't usually hang out over top of empty fields so the oddness made me take a closer look. The first one was cooperative enough to hover for me to see it's wings and colour. Definitely not a humming bird! Imagine, dragonflies the size of my hand. I really, really want a picture.  

I've spent quite a bit of time chasing these around trying for a photo. Unfortunately the rest of these critters have not been as cooperative as that first one. Maybe they are camera shy? They are now mostly gone for this season so I've snitched this picture from Black Water Photography. He has a whole lot of fantastic images. Take a look!

Many Thanks to Doug Aguillard

We've been working on a lifestyle improvement plan. One of the items on our list is to explore the various parks and trails that are so close to us. Sunday we tried out the Guadalupe Trail in San Jose. We started on the trail and ended up downtown without ever walking on the road. How cool is that?!

When we finally emerged from under the bridges we were in a tiny paved park with picnic tables and steel dragonfly statues.

I had a hard time catching the scale. These are about the size of a smart car.

Seeing these dragonflies in person, and they are not uncommon here, makes one of the sequences in this video a bit more understandable. Sorry for the ad at the beginning, youtube is not what it once was. :(

Skip to 3:21 if you aren't a fan.

It appears I'm not the only one impressed by the scale of these things.

Have a great week if I don't get back to you sooner

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  1. Sounds like a great idea to check out your local walking trails.
    Looks like a beautiful day as well.
    Great video....reminds me of my youth, loved that song :)


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