21 Sep 2012

How about a compromise? (lots of pictures)

The UFO's have indeed landed on my desk, taking over every inch of space but, I really just want to play not hunker down and finish stuff. Maybe I should think about doing a little of both?

The album track I took at CKU was Everyday Eclectic with Jen Gallagher. She did a marvelous job, though I am seemingly incapable of following instructions.  lol  The class kit was Echo Park's 'Everyday Eclectic' collection and an 8x8 album American Crafts album. We used all but one of the papers and most of the stickers. Love that! but what about the cover?

Buy more paper? Nope, I like fabric covers but at the moment I have no fabric. I do have ribbon though, lol. Did you know that when I'm playing with ribbon I'm in my happy place. :D There's not enough of any one kind to do something matchy-matchy but more than enough to do something eclectic.

Another project we did at CKU was a fabric covered baking dish to make a magnet board.  The instructions called for strips of fabric laid in lines. One of the women there seemed to have the same issues with directions that I do. She wove the strips. Brilliant!

So borrowing her idea and adapting it, here's how I made my woven album cover:

I cut enough lengths of ribbon to cover the cover. They were about 10", a bit longer would have made the last row easier, so maybe 10.25" would have been better.
You can see I haven't got quite enough so I cut more
I cut two lengths of each kind of ribbon, one for the horizontal and one for the vertical part of the weaving. I also cut a length of ribbon that would wrap around the entire front cover. You can see the brown seam binding I'm going to use at the top of the picture above.

I painted the outside of the front cover and a little ways down on the inside cover to seal the chipboard. I'm not sure I needed to do that but I had visions of the adhesive soaking into the chipboard.

When the paint was dry I glued the ends down close to the fabric edge on the front. It looked like this part of the way through.
I used a Perfect Paper Adhesive
After the adhesive was dried, I opened the cover and glued the second set of ribbons to the about half and inch down from the top edge. (vertical)

Next I let it dry under a heavy book to make sure things were good and snug while the adhesive cured. It was a good laundry day when I did this. lol

When everything was completely dry, I closed the cover, flipped the ribbon around to the front and began weaving. Over under, over under, one row at a time.

I used a ribbon adhesive for each horizontal strip.
You can see it in this picture

As I finished a row I straightened it, made sure the vertical ribbon was taunt and then pressed down. I learned a couple of things during this phase.
1) It's really hard to keep the weave straight. Weavers have a thingy to help with this.
2) Some ribbons work better than others. The heavy tapestry like ones didn't adhere very well so they slipped but they wove beautifully! The lighter ones stuck well but tended to bunch up. If I were to do this again I would use all grosgrain. It seemed to work the best on average.

When that was all done it looked like this
Now I opened the cover and wrapped the ribbon ends to the inside. Then there was more glue, a heavy book and an overnight sit for it to look like this.

Almost done now. Next I cut a sheet of paper to cover the raw edges and go right up to the brown fabric. Mine was 8x8.5" but the dimension would depend on how much your ribbon was wrapped around. I glued the paper to the inside cover and since I used a liquid adhesive I put a heavy book on it to dry then went to clean my house.

When it was dry, I wrapped the brown ribbon around the front adhering it with ribbon adhesive. There might be better adhesives but that was the one I had. I didn't want the liquid to soak through where it would be seen.

In real life the binding doesn't look quite so bumpy.

and joined the edges on the inside.

I added a leftover sticker to cover the join and the front was done.
Unfortunately this was the last full piece.  I just had to go shopping for one more. lol  After we got home I did some digging in my stash and found two more pieces from the collection (not the doily one that I just bought thankfully). Between the scraps, those newly found pieces and some kraft cardstock I should be able to fill the album.

Now what pictures to put in it?  I'll show you the rest when there's something inside.

Have a great weekend.


ps: this is probably not original but I've never seen it before.


  1. A lot of work, but it was so worth it.
    I think the worst would be waiting for the glue to dry ;)
    It turned out beautifully.

  2. This is really cool! Makes me want to get one of those albums and try it! LOVE the outcome!

  3. What a terrific way to cover an album. The ribbons are gorgeous. TFS

  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS ! LOVE LOVE this ! Amazing and beautiful !

  5. I LOVE how you covered the album cover with ribbons. GORGEOUSNESS! Thanks again for spending your day at CKU with me. :)


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