18 Sep 2012

The UFO's are landing

I have a whole lot of ideas I want to play with but
there's this

and this
 and this

and these

and this

and this
and these

 All of this courtesy of CKU. We scrapped a lot and I had a great time but Oh My what a lot of projects that need my personal touch and pictures.

Of course there's the Christmas Calendars which I finished stamping at CKU but now are in need of layouts.
and the album I started before CKU using Shimelle's Perfect Collection

and then there's the product:
from CKU (I've already dealt with more than half)

that I bought yesterday. I swear that I needed it all to finish the UFOs. lol

I seem to have been in a mood lately. I have learned one thing though,  I can't name my style but I can say that none of these are it. For such seemingly easy projects (that is they came with directions and measurements) they've been incredibly hard to finish. If I finish them as per the instructions they look bare but they are far enough along that it will be very hard to go back and 'do something' to them.  I really wish I could identify one thing and say "this" makes it a Carolyn layout, then I could just go do it.

Finally, I signed up for another course with May Flaum over at Big Picture Classes. I'm really excited about this one. I missed all of May's in person classes this year. Life just wasn't cooperative.   I don't have a ton of kits hanging around (in fact I have zero) but I would like to play with the idea of a kit. So, I have made kit made up from my own supplies using some of the ideas from the Counterfeit Kit Challenge. That's one "and" that isn't on my desk.

I really have to get this stuff finished or maybe I should just box it all up and play with my new Gelatos.

Have a great day

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  1. You are toooo funny.
    I on the other hand have a million and one projects I want to do, but haven't started on one yet....so you are way ahead of me.
    As for your own style...I haven't figured mine out yet either, lol.


Hearing from you makes me smile, thank you!