24 Oct 2012

6x6 papers

I like the scaled down patterns on 6x6 paper pads. I like getting all the papers in a collection and I like the price point. So, I've been following along with a series called Hip to be Square on Lisa Runkin Swift's blog. There are some good ideas there so it's worth the time to look.

In keeping with that theme I thought I would share this layout that I did a couple of months ago.

All of the patterns, including the border which is joined under the layers, are from a 6x6 pad. I think they are all Bayberry Cottage but there might be a piece of Queen Bee there too. The brown chunk is from an old 8x8 pad. Does anyone make that size anymore?

The squares made me think of stamps so I got out the old deco scissors and gave them the "stamp" border.

In other news:

I'm feeling like a bit of a dork today. I was so proud of my homemade stamps until last night when I found a video by Julie Fei-Fan Baltzer.

Here's the link if you want to see it: Turning a Stencil Into a Stamp

Naturally hers are way cooler so I'm itching to try. It has been a while since I created any smoking globs of melted plastic. I wonder how toxic the fumes are from melted craft foam?

Anyways, Thank for stopping by and have a great day


  1. Love what you did with the 6x6 here :)

  2. Great layout, good use of those 6x6 papers.
    Isn't that the way....figure we have a new way to do something and after the fact find out someone else thought of it as well, lol.


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