2 Oct 2012

What's better than dealing with UFO's or class materials?

Alien dust bunnies!

Funny how I still have exactly the same reactions that I had in school. I can clearly remember after weeks of my mother insisting that I clean my room, the weekend before "The Big" project was due I felt I should listen. lol

But ... the bathrooms are now sparkling, the laundry is even ironed AND put away.

Hope everyone is having a more creative week than I am
until later

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  1. Hi Carolyn,
    I just finished reading your post in Kit-tastic...I have done the SAME thing! I just wanted you to know I love your layouts and thanks for the post on how you pull a kit together. I'm visual so I have to have stuff lying out for a while in order to think and roll around in my mind what I want to do with it. Luckily, my basement workspace allows for it! Thanks for sharing!! :)
    Tonya (aka on bpc: jopadiet)


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