19 Oct 2012

White Room

Edited Nov 11  2012: It seems I'm not the only person looking for white room images. The image I've used is not mine, I picked it up here to use as an example of a colour scheme. Thanks for stopping by.

Have you ever seen a digital layout that you adored but had no idea how to recreate with glue and paper. This happened to me when I was gallery surfing and found this layout in the Two Peas gallery.

To get this look, I needed some hexagon stamps.

Naturally, my first thought was shopping. Fortunately (or not), I could only find one stamp. A bit limiting. There's Teresa Collins' stamp maker but it was a wee bit more than I want to spend for an experiment.

My second thought was to carve a stamp. I think I have some tools for that kind of craftiness. Do you remember carving potatoes in art class in school? I do and it was tough work to end up with mashed raw potato but I managed. Probably not a place I want to go. lol. I think though, if you were good at that kind of thing it would work.

While I was thinking on stamp creation, my hex dies arrived in the mail. Happy dance! Now I could trace and cut or, shockingly, actually use them to cut something. That something didn't need to be permanent it just need to hold ink or paint for a few seconds.

So, I dug around for somthing and found some scrap fun foam. It did cut well. I put some removable adhesive on the foam, stuck it to my stamp block, put some acrylic paint on a saucer, my favourite paint pallet btw, and used it as a foam stamp. Success!! Well, it took a couple of trys to get the amount of paint and pressure right but more or less it worked the first time

Now for the texture of that digital stamp. A stamp kissing technique and a brick patterened background stamp did the job. (I like this video for a demo on stamp kissing if you need one)
Here's what I ended up with.

I would say it worked.

I kept meaning to get a better picture of this to post here but, well, uhmm someday never comes so I thought I would share today since white seems to be on my mind.

In other news, Two Peas has changed their web site. It's white!

I think this is the look they were going for
I found this image at http://vrayc4d.com/manuals/files/scenes/interiors/white-room-392

Not, in my opinion, a comfortable room to live in. I got sunspots on my eyes from looking at all that glaring white. I'm not joking. Please don't think, 'turn the contrast down.' If I do that the text disappears. So sad to have old eyes but it does eventually happen to everyone. I'm just not old enough yet. lol

This leaves me looking for another scrappy home. Ever since the implosion/collapse, or whatever really happened, of ScrapGal, I've been wandering the internet looking for a scrappy, chatty, homey place and though I had kind of settled in to Two Peas it isn't really a good fit. A little scarey, actually. So now where?

It's fitting to leave you with some classic rock and no I don't remember it as new.

See you later

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