19 Jan 2013

5 CHA picks

Well, no, I wasn't there. Instead I've spent the last few days reading blogs and watching videos. So much eye candy this time of year! Not here though I'm just linking today.
Disclaimer: no affiliations just the list of products/demos I thought were worth sharing.
Anyways, here's my list:

1) Customizable date stamp from the Amy Tangerine "Ready, Set, Go" collection.

The only really good picture I can find right now is on Gluestickgirl's blog here
Imagine no more out of date predated journaling cards! I'm interested to see these in person, because, as cute as this stamp is, yellow wood handle and all, it looks fiddly and unity has one that will do the same job and store more easily. You can see it on their website

2) Bobunny Mama-razzi2

I loved this collection the first time around. This one seems a bit less black which only makes it better. :D
Here's the link to their blog pictures.

3) Dyan Reaveley's new colours

They all look fantastic but I'm most interested in the white. I'm hoping that this will live up to the demos I watched on you tube. here at about 8:50 and on May Flaum's video here.
Why, oh why is white such a problem? Don't answer, I know why. For a backup plan there are Lindy's Stamp Gangs mists to try. Lindy's have been a bit hit or miss for my tastes but when they hit they are spectacular!

4) Jinger Adams Over the Door storage unit.
Unfortunately I don't have a door but if I did ... You can See Scrapbook.com's video here

Gosh this is hard! So many to choose from so I will leave you with my husband's choice
5) Fiskars Fuse Creativity System
You can see it on This video. There's a few things I like, it folds up nicely, it does everything, it is compatible with other manufacturers dies but the weight worries me. It weighs about the same as my vacuum so, I'm still unsold but he thinks it is fantastic and that I'm being a wimp.

Thanks for stopping by
~ Carolyn

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