12 Jan 2013

No pictures

How do you define the end of the winter holiday season? Is it taking down the decorations? Finally vacuuming up the last of the tinsel? The first day of school/work after the break? For me, it could be my husband's January birthday, much like my December birthday marks the beginning. It isn't. It's the end of the butter in the crystal dish. Not that we never eat butter but, it doesn't live in crystal except at Christmas. I had toast for breakfast this morning and finished the butter. Holiday over!

I suppose that means I had better get the decorations put away. I took them down last weekend and decided that it may just be possible that I have a few too many. ;) I've been sorting - keep, toss, donate. You know the routine. There's been a few repairs done too. Retying bows, attaching hooks and all that, so I can just hang them up next year.

I should be in the garage packing it all up but I'm not. I'm reflecting on last year and where I want this year to go.

I did well last year tackling the UFOs but yet again I started more than I could finish. I'm not unhappy about that. The stuff that was sitting around irking me is gone, removed or finished and about that I'm really, really happy. This year's list is all current projects. Well, may be not but I don't mind savouring those older ones for little longer.

Things to finish
  • "Twelve" - I started this Big Picture class and kept up until October. The concept was: 12 layouts a month, 1 for each of the 12 topics. I have the layouts for the rest of the year in various stages of completeness; some are just a note, some have ephemera and notes, some also have the paper and embellishments, some are actually constructed but need journaling and a couple just needed to be uploaded. Those last few I'm calling done since the class is over but the rest is pretty big stack sitting beside my desk. I loved the idea of "144 stories told" and want to finish telling those stories. Oh, and most of the incomplete ones need pictures printed
  • 8x8 Everyday Eclectic Album - started at CKU, now the pages are done but I need to figure out which pictures I want in it and print them.
  • Unity Stamp Mini - another CKU project. This one is cute too. It needs more work though as it needs to be put together and have pictures in it.
  • Gift Mini Album - This has been so fun to make. Originally I was going to send it with no pictures and title it a "Book of Happy" but I've decided to send it with pictures. The recipient is a friend of my mother's but has become, over time, a friend of mine - she's known me for longer than I've known me so to speak and I hear she would like to "see" how we are doing. Now it too needs pictures.
  • Baby Book - keep on plugging away. I would like to have more than one page in it by the end of the year. Maybe two? lol I at least want to get the pictures out of their box and into what will be the album. A page or two would be nice. This one is hard since they are film prints so part of the process is scanning the good ones. (but all the pictures of my baby are good, lol)
  • Maui - see above
  • Wedding - see above

Do you see a trend here? I think I need to get some pictures printed. Which means I need to edit them. Which means that I need to wrestle my husband away from his new computer game. He's been having so much fun with that birthday gift that I haven't had the heart to kick him off the computer. The laptop is fine for most things but photo editing, not so much.

I dreamed up a new project at the end of the year, so I'm adding it to the to do list.
  • A to Zen of life - I found this in a catalogue as a plaque. I think each line would make a good muse for something art journally. It could work for scrapbook pages but I think I would like to be a little less tied to story for this one. If you've never seen it you can find it on this site

That led me to thinking the other night about art and how I haven't picked up a pen, pencil, pastel, or paint for the sake of making "art" in a long time. Like about 20 years. OMG how did it get to be so long. Concurrent to this line of thought Milliande uploaded a video. I've been watching her videos for a long time as I find her quite inspiring. Here's the link to her youtube channel. She was introducing CAPI. I've been mulling over joining in this for a while now and am a little serious. (joined the facebook group and am following along on pinterest)

I've cleaned out my tool box and taken stock of its contents. Not the frou-frou stuff but actual things I need to paint. Black and yellow are missing from the basic palette. The gesso is almost used up and I need some heavier weight paper. I tossed a few glazes and adhesives that had gone funky. I wonder why? Shelf life maybe? :(

So, I'm thinking I will go to the art supply store but I'm not sure I want to shift gears. Fear of the white page? Anyways, don't be overly shocked if you see a bit of a change here.

Speaking of changes, you may have noticed the blog looks different. I'm not doing a blog overhaul, although it may come to that. On Christmas Eve some overly grinchy person hacked my account. I was a bit pressed for time and so just removed all the gadgets and other stuff that they had tried to edit. Thanks, statcounter for those exit link activity reports. When I have some extra minutes I'll go back and take a look at the HTML and see what, if any, damage was done. If you notice anything odd would you please let me know. Thanks

And in other news CHA is happening right now. It's the time of year when I look at all the offerings and plan for those. I've reached the point in storage where if something comes in something else must go out. So, my decisions aren't based (entirely) on cost. This year I'm trying to only acquire those things that will help me reach my creative goals.

I don't do One Little Word but it is an interesting idea and so I've given it some thought this year. What do I want and how can I get there? Simply, I want more time to do those things which are fulfilling to me. What is standing in my way? Clutter - mental and physical. Too much time wasted picking up, organising, storing, moving, cleaning, . . . and so (drum roll please) if I were to pick a word it would be less.

Less = More

Have a great weekend
~ Carolyn

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