20 Jan 2013


In case you missed the sidebar note about my grinchy visitors, they're still around hence all the drabness. Very sad, what on earth can they/she/he/it be gaining opening my blogger editor and doing, apparently nothing? Creepy!!

Yesterday morning I was playing with my blog trying to reduce it to just the basics, to see if I can figure out which item is letting them in. No background images, no labels ... no fun and oops, I accidentally published a draft. I might even have caught it, except that the Rug Doctor arrived and we were busy all day shampooing carpets, moving furniture, wiping down baseboards . . . It feels, and embarrassingly smells, a whole lot cleaner in here now.

Anyways, if you caught it you've gotten a peek at my blogging process.

Have a great day
~ Carolyn

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