31 Jan 2013

Positively Brilliant Idea

by not me.

The grinchy people are back so, I'm going to keep the links to other people's blogs in 'long form' but I must share this.  Please be patient with me.  I think I've got the problem solved but I'm still testing.

So, did I ever post this picture here?  I know I posted it on Shimelle's Cover to Cover class forum.  (Its available now as a self paced class, if you are interested, at
 www dot shimelle dot com/paper/1486/cover-to-cover-online-scrapbooking-class-now-self-paced. Seriously I loved it!!!)

Those albums (and there is soon to be three more) are organised chronologically.  Their front covers are different but the spines well . . . there's a lot of brown and black.  A fair amount of green too.  It's hard to determine which album to pull out.  On top of that, if I pull more than one album out I have to get a ladder to put them back on.  This means, I don't get them down very often.

I fill up Iris totes, and my display stand until I run out of room and then I still debate whether I want to get the ladder out.

How much better would it be if I could just read the contents?

I've experimented with ribbons and tags.  They looked too cluttered and fragile for my tastes.  I've considered using brads and metal label holders but loathe the idea of punching holes in the spines.  What if I change my mind?  lol, I was thinking yesterday that I should pull a bunch of layouts and start an "All About Me" album ... uhm, maybe next week.  So, I've been living with situation waiting for a flash of brilliance.

Well, one came via a Pinterest!!  It completely fits my requirements. I absolutely love that it does not compromise the spine covers on these albums.  It is easily removable should I ever reaarange my albums and doesn't have hanging things to get damaged.

Here's the link to the blog:

scraptiffany dot com/blog_tiffany/2011/02/tuesday-tutorial-with-dale dot html

Now, you know I am hopeless at following directions and incredibly uhm . . . frugal so there is no way I'm going to go buy the slip on protectors but I do have a box full of 8½x11 page protectors from the office supply store. So away we go.

Uhm ... seem to have hit a glitch and its too dark for pictures and time to do something about feeding the family.

must go now, have a great night

~ Carolyn

Lemon recipe of the day is already posted on my blog at:
perennialtransientdotblogspot dot com/2011/07/evil-cupcakes-and-mums-lemon-loaf dot html

Why post and strap bound album? Simply, they are smaller.
For my reference, meaning so I don't have to search for it again here is the first in a series of 3 on how to use the post bound albums. www dot youtubedotcom/watch?v=bzZYoWZ096E