25 Jan 2013

Uhm ... interesting

Not too much new to write about today.  Sid isn't feeling well. Poor kid I hope his stomach is feeling better tomorrow.  Today he's a bit slower than normal so I decided to put some layouts away since I can safely spread out.

I've been filing chronologically but I run into pages every now and then that give me a problem.

This one is a lift from Ifa Zainon.  Her blog is at ifazainon dot blogspot dot com.  I found her layout in the June issue of Scrap365 (pg 28 in case you have the mag).  It wasn't finished until November 2012. The picture is from 2010 (at the Home Depot) and Simon's quote is from Spring of 2004.

I sort of think it should be added to the 2004 album but the style is so different. Any thoughts? Actually no comments are allowed at this time which leads me to the interesting bit.

I applied a slighly more complex template and a bit of colour to the blog and guess what ... my unknown visitors came back. Did they just miss a post or is there something 'funny' with the templates.

Sorry about the comments, I'll get this sorted out eventually.

Hope you are having a wonderful day