27 Feb 2013

Craft Room #7 - It's been a while

Yes it has been quite a while since I did one of these posts and I can tell.  It's getting hard to find things again, I've moved out of the lovely new craft area back into the bedroom, and I have crafting explosions whenever I try to make anything.  On the positive side DH has the desktop back so he can play games. lol

Sooo . . . I took a look at where I left off on the organisation list from way back when. (See this post for the original list. I know how long ago that was and actually, I'm pretty proud that I haven't had to revist this topic for almost a year.)

So where was I, new comments highlighted yellow
  • Space Audit / Brain Storming/ Clean Slate - done - shared
  • paper - done - shared - need to use more. lol
  • scraps - donish - sorted by colour anyways. need to share
  • cardstock - done - easy though totally boring
  • liquid mediums - done - revamped a little when I went overboard on some Dylusions sprays but basically the same.
  • ink pads and ink tools/ embossing stuff - done, though I'm not sure I've shown you Pandora's Box
  • sparkly stuff  and adhesive - done
  • embellishments (not flat) - done, I don't think I shared this this time round but same as when I set it up in 2009
  • alphas - Helllpppp!
  • non alpha stickers/die cuts/journaling cards (flat stuff) - done, same as '09 but not shared for this round. Are you interested in seeing my binders and homemade storage pages?
  • templates - need to show you this, new and improved. lol
  • rub-ons - They'll do - changed this up a bit since the 2009 challenge - need to share
  • ribbons/textiles - same as always since '09. Do you want to see it again?
  • stamps - revamped
  • punches - my one punch didn't need organising now . . . share this but not really news.
  • dies and other cutting tools - revamped
  • chipboard - A sorted mess what more to say
  • card making - fits with small paper pads - share it
  • pens and such - share
  • memorabilia - refuse to discuss this
  • UFOs as my mother calls unfinished objects - and also there shall be no discussion of these for now.  These are what I'm doing right now or not as the case may be.
  • ongoing large projects - do you want to see my closet?

I said I had skipped photos for this round but I need to do a back up again and then pretend there isn't a problem any more. Negatives still haven't been scanned but I just said that wasn't a problem, right?

Crop supplies haven't changed.  I don't have much so there's really nothing to organise.  What I can say is that CKU proved I don't need a whole lot of special stuff.

Speaking of CKU, when I was putting things away afterwards, I discovered a whole bunch of product that I would never use.  Seriously, they gave, (well I suppose it was included in our fees), what was for me too much and not stylistically right.  Uhm . . . that style thing again.  How is it I know that I will not use something when I can't identify my style? Anyways, this did cause the appearance of a scrappy yard sale box.  My LSS has a yard sale twice a year and I think it is a good idea to participate.  I do this for my house, in that I have a donate box and when it fills up I take it to one of my favourite charities.  Now I'm doing it for the crafting supplies too.

Evaluating this list today has confirmed my suspicions that given the space I have, and that can't be changed, there is just too much stuff.  While far from what some people, it is too much for me.  I've done a bit of tweaking to try to cram a bit more in and I will share tomorrow but honestly the solution is to Use It Or Lose It.

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