7 Feb 2013

It's a ...

layout, and, while its not a particularly stunning layout I thought I would share what I love about it.  Notice how beautifully the writing on the pictures turned out.  

Well, beautiful might be an overstatement since it is my handwriting but the clarity is stunning.  I have at long last found a product that works like I want/expect it to on photographs and it is

(drum roll please)

a Sakura Souffle Pen.  The ink went on a clear orange glaze and then turned a whitish colour when drying.  That was a little unsettling but it set to the colour on the cap.  I was hoping it would dry a bit more orange but alas it was true.  lol, it usually frustrates me when caps and labels are not true.

As a bonus it feels like wet embossing once dried.  The possibilities of a pen for embossing ...

The drying time was fast, as evidenced by the lack smudging and finger prints but, it did take a couple of seconds.  Maybe a minute or two, I was cooking at the time and not keeping track of time but certainly it was not long.

I was keeping macaroni from boiling over and the layout was on the kitchen counter at the time.  The process went something like this: write a line, turn down and stir a pot, write another line, see the first line changing colour, lift pot off the element until no longer overflowing, write line or two, first line now touch dry, stir the pot, return to heat, second line turning colour  ...  you get the idea.  Not very long

Here's a couple of links:
to the manufacturer, Sakura
and to a demo of both the souffle and glaze pens by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

Maybe you knew about these already but I thought the result was pretty spectacular.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

ps Its too dark for a detail picture so ... tomorrow

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