15 Feb 2013

Learn Something New ... text and more text

First, my apologies to anyone who feels neglected.  Honest, I'll be back and get caught up with you as I'm missing my friends but for this minute I'm off on a tangent.

I find it can be challenging to learn something new everyday.  It requires going outside of my little box and doing a bit of exploring.  This would be why I'm such a class junkie and walk fanatic, not to mention web crawler.  It is, however, something I try very hard to accomplish.  When I do learn something I wonder if I should share.  I don't want to insult anyone but I never know what people know and don't know.  That should be one of the "Geek Girl Problems." lol

Anyways . . . I'm trying to get caught up with my blog reading today.  I started with Shimelle's blog.  In fact the tabs are still open as I write this so I may not, in fact, get caught up,  As always, when I attempt this process, I start with the most recent post and work backwards.  I made it back to her most recent starting point when I encountered a new phrase, " breaking the fourth wall."  So what do I do?  Turn to my favourite web tool, Google search, which, shockingly enough, brought up an entry in my second favourite web tool, the Wikipedia.

It turns out that the 'fourth wall' refers to the invisible wall between the actors and the audience in theatre.  So, those scenes where the performer speaks directly to the audience, actually acknowledging that the audience exists 'break the fourth wall.'  This is opposed to a soliloquy, where the performer is speaking to himself and inadvertently sharing with the the audience. (Sorry for lack of PC but him/herself is just too awkward. This language needs a few new words!)

I forget what play I was watching when I saw it done for the first time.  It was quite shocking to feel that I was being personally spoken to.  It demanded more of me than just passive observation and was a highly effective technique.  Funny thing, I could if you asked me, tell you what the actor looked like and what was said but, I have no idea where I was or what I was watching.  I'll have to think on this a bit more.  Maybe I still have the program to jog my memory?

And why have I never heard this phrase?  I've never been even remotely involved in theatre.  Far too much of my life has been spent with this kind of nonsense.

Is this tangent relevant to my scrapbooking?  Well, I routinely write the hidden journaling on Sid's pages like this,  I do many of his pages so that his future caregivers understand him: the developmental milestones he has reached, when they occurred, what his 'normal' family life was like, what he likes, what our routines have been, how we have helped him cope life changes, what his strengths are, his likes and dislikes, his personality quirks etc.  All in the hopes that he ends up with people who care enough to read it when I can no longer tell them these things, though that will be beyond my control.  It has never occurred to me until just now that this was a unique way to write. As to wasting my life with Physics formulae, I sincerely wish I had spent more time writing.  Meaning I'm inflicting you with my practise sessions. lol

So thank you Shimelle for giving me new words today, 

and thank you for reading
Have a wonderful day
~ Carolyn

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