5 Feb 2013

Lemons part 3?

I published this picture on facebook Thanksgiving Day.  Secretly, I was hoping I could post a harvest of the first lemon off of our patio tree.  Since I could grow lemons I had to try but admittedly I knew nothing about them. 

First off, I bought any old lemon tree.  Come to find out, that this variety grows to about 30 feet tall.  That's a bit of a problem.  'Oh well', I thought, 'just keep it pruned and it will bush out.'  Well, maybe it will eventually or maybe my tender care will kill it but for now it's trying to become an adult tree.  No many times I chop off the leading branch a new one takes over and up it goes.  BTW the old leader then does nothing, no leaves, no buds, nothing ...

It is almost impossible to keep watered.  You can tell from the picture.  The 'deformed' fruit is caused by lack of water which is something I've learned since Thanksgiving.  Something else I've learned is that there are dwarf varieties of lemons, and other citrus fruits too.  Shocking!!  lol  I think the time has come to find this tree a home where it can happily reach to the sky and replace it with something a little smaller.

Things seem to be looking up.  Profile is back and I hope it is back to stay.  Comments should be enabled too but I still have the word verification on. I know that's a PITA but soon grasshopper.

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