14 Mar 2013

Back Again

So here's the lame excuse for not following up on my stamp storage.  I'm lame lol.  No really, I sprained my ankle and have been hobbling around.  Odd how that has sucked my energy.  I'll live but I'm miserable without my daily walks.  Hopefully by the weekend I'll be more mobile.

First up:

Support your LSS.  (I promise stamps in a bit)

I'm lucky enough to have two that I consider local and another that is an easy, if bit hair raising, drive away.  Of those I'm particularly fond of one - Memories Live On.  It is by far the closest and their news letter makes me giggle every week.  In fact, just for the news letter I want to keep them around. Sign up and read the sidebar.  Promise!

They also happen to have an associated online store, scrapbooking supplies 'r'us, and kit club, The Sampler which has a monthly challenge.  What's a girl to do?  I can't buy anything yet, the results of 'The Great Kit Club Experiment' aren't in, so I have to participate in the challenge.

Here's the current sketch (until March 19th)

Current Sketches

And here's my layout:
As much as possible I used products that were in the February kit. Now March's Kit "Walking On Sunshine" I might just have to break down and buy.  I seriously love it!!

Onward to stamps

I do apologize for the lack of pictures, I didn't plan on documenting the process.

Here's what they were stored in

You think my nose just grew a foot or so longer.  Weelll, maybe, because when I finished rounding them up, stamping images, laminating cardstock, putting them in page protectors, and filing them in binders they look like this.
 And for a side by side comparison
Yeah, they may have been stuffed in drawers, boxes, envelopes, paper pouches, page kits ... I swear no more stamps for ... at least a week.  No really after doing this I have a much better idea what I have and can't see 'needing' any more for a good long time.  Not to say that one might not leap into my cart and forget to leave at some point but, after doing this amount of work to make them accessible and storable I'm feeling very cured of the desire to buy stamps.

I indexed the rubber ones also, so when I'm looking for an image I only have to look in one place.  Unfortunately the wood block ones have to be stored elsewhere unless I get ambitious and unmount them.

Here's a couple of pages from the "critters" section to show you how my filing works
Wood mount stamp index page

Images are stamped on front of laminated cardstock
I laminated the cardstock and then stamped the images.  About half way through I realized I could stamp first and laminate later rather than having to stamp on a slippery plastic surface.  Live and learn.  Yes, I did break the sets up and though it broke my heart, I think in the long run It will make using them easier.

And the next page:

There is an overlay made out of an empty, but laminated pouch to make it rigid. It also has the image stamped on it so I know where to put the stamp back. (That makes two stampings for every stamp, yikes!)

The stamps seem to be sticking fine to the laminating plastic.  I hope that it is a safe kind of plastic.  Time will tell on that one. This page just happens to be all clear, but cling mount rubber and clear stamps are all mixed up in the binders.

The stamps are sorted like this:

Binder 1: Calendar and Seasonal
calendar and numbers
flourishes (a lot of flourishes have a botanical look to them I think)

Binder 2: Words and Things
Alphabets - which I did not stamp fortunately I still had the original packaging
Journaling spots
Food and recipe related
Things - like bicycles and cameras - man made stuff
graphic shapes - like arrows, dots and other non-botanical stuff.

I had the laminating pouches in the filing cabinet.  Some of the cardstock was 8.5x11 from when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the rest from a value pack that I have no idea why I bought.  The only money I spent was on page protectors and the binders themselves.

And what happened to the old binder?  That's a story for another day.  This post is already way too long.

Have a great weekend if I don't get back

PS: have you heard the terrible news about google reader? See it here Does that mean followers go away too?


  1. So sorry to hear about your ankle :(
    Your stamp storage and organization looks great.
    It is so nice to be organized isn't' it...now onto the wood mount...I'm right behind you ;)

  2. sorry about your ankle. Your layout is fabulous! I loves it!!!! Thanks for playing with us at the sampler...and so jealous of your stamp storage. Can you come organize mine? hee hee....hugs.....nancy

  3. I really love your stamp storage. I love anything to do with organization! Your layout is beautiful. Thank you very much for playing along with the challenges at The Sampler kit club.


Hearing from you makes me smile, thank you!