18 Mar 2013

Final Round of Stamps

There were a few things about Gelatos that I couldn't figure out how to write in a blog post so I took recorded some videos.  I'm still editing those but while I was in the mood (and playing with the video editor), I did a quick one to show you the rubber stamps.

Honest this shoe box and one layer on the lid are the only space I have in the craft area.  I could store more if I was willing to move more stuff into the closet.  That doesn't seem like a good idea to me.  You know out of sight, out of mind and all that.

I can't say that these are organised, the organisation is the indexing in the binders, but it is how they are stored.

And that's a wrap as they say, hope you enjoyed it.

The swelling is gone on the ankle.  It's just a bit twitchy now so I went walking.  The cherry trees are in full blossom and it was gorgeous today.  Spring is coming your way promise.

Hope your day was beautiful

~ Carolyn


  1. gorgeous flower photo!! And I love your stamp organization / filing system... I'm not nearly ambitious enough to try that one for myself, yet. Thanks for visiting my blog, and stop by again sometime!

  2. Glad you ankle seems to be doing better.
    It will be a long time before we see any flowers or blooms around here.
    Loved looking at your photo though, its so beautiful.


Hearing from you makes me smile, thank you!