15 Mar 2013

So I want to say

I'm upset about Google reader. Scroll to after big bold mission statement to avoid the rant.

At the moment I'm experimenting with two alternatives, Feedly and Bloglovin.  I do like the interface of Feedly better, mainly because I can read the full article without leaving the reader BUT they depend on Google's RSS feed.  They claim they will have their own code ready by the time Reader is actually shut down but I'm not leaving that to chance. Bloglovin does not require Google's feed.  It's interface is OK, but I have to click through to see the posts and I have yet to figure out how to access the URL from non-active blogs.  I keep a few old challenge sites that I never got to participate in around in Reader for when I'm lacking inspiration. Really don't want to lose those.  Yeah, Yeah bookmarks. PITA

And what's this about personal blogging being dead?  Really???  More likely Google has not found a way to monetize it sufficiently and so it is not worth the resources.  As always, it's their business and their decision.  I'm understanding of the fact that I am not their customer but rather, their product, nonetheless what happened to their mission statement?

"Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful."

Rant over

Before I checked reader yesterday and got what will henceforth be known as "The Message" I had an idea.  Dangerous I know.

I've been playing with these things:
What's caught my eye?  Transportation and storage, that's what.  They are Chapstick sized tubes of water soluble colour that, oddly enough, have a Chapstick-like consistency.  Into the pencil case along with two empty misters (or more), a water brush, and away I go with everything I could need for stamping, painting, misting and colouring in any colour I could want in one compact, safe for travel package.  Maybe an old sippy cup for water too.  I do love multi-taskers!

Now watercolour and I have history.  The list on how I have failed with it, paper bags, portraits, stretching paper and so on, is quite long.  In fact, touching a watercolour-like thing makes me cringe but they looked too useful to not give them a fair shot. Since about September I've been giving them a fair shot and I'm pretty sure I can now do something with them.

Are you interested in short technique series or have these been done to death?

My day so far?  It started way too early as you may be able to tell from the time of this post.  Why, oh why did the child get up at 4:30.  Oh well, on the positive side my ankle is only a little swollen and  a bit stiff. Things are looking up for the weekend.

Until Later


  1. I had heard about google reader ending from 2peas...but honestly I don't use it. I check the bloggers that leave me messages and some from my bookmarks. I know I;m the odd one on this, lol.
    As for personal blogging being dead..I commented on that as well. I would say 98% of the blogs I visit are personal ones :)

  2. Oh yes I would like to see a series on these crayons


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